27 September 2008

Central Market, China Town & Bukit Bintang, KL

Last weekend we headed over to Pasar Seni to Central Market. I predict that this will be a great favourite with anyone who has enjoyed Stanley Market in Hong Kong! It's a huge indoor (airconditioned) market full of colour and (a fair sprinkling of tourist tat too)! Here's a sample of what's on offer.

Love these kites!

Papiermache eggs.

Wooden masks.

Buddhas come in all shapes and sizes.

Beautiful Sarongs.

Batik pictures.

And if shopping isn't your thing you can always enjoy a fish spa!

Or a cup of excruciatingly sour hot lemon tea! They certainly don't skimp on the lemon slices here!

Next stop was China Town where we discovered that once you've seen one, you've probably seen 'em all!! Petaling Street is home to vendors hassling you to buy Tshirts, bags, watches, DVDs etc just like in Hong Kong! It's worth a visit but not somewhere I need to be too often, I think. Venturing down the side streets we found shops selling ceramics, incense, herbal medicines, noodles, tea and some beads and ribbons but unfortunately, nothing to quite match Sham Shui Po, the crafters' paradise in Hong Kong!

Making our way back I spotted this temple and outside, some Indian flower sellers

In the distance, the beautiful architecture of the railway station.

And lots of colourful spikey fruits.

And smelly, spikey fruits!

Back in Bukit Bintang - outdoor eateries..

And cats riding motorcyles!

Too cute!!

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