16 January 2009

Butterfly card

I folded this little butterfly from beautiful Japanese Chiyogami paper.

And made this card yesterday for my daughter who's just had an operation. Get well soon, Julie!


  1. Thanks for your comment!! your art is wonderful!

  2. I hope your daugther is feeling better! This is a wonderful card and it will certainly cheer her up. The paper is beautiful, but the way you folded it is very impressive. I love origami as well, but don't practice often enough to be able to make such delicate creations as yours. :-)

  3. Thanks Nellita and Monica.This butterfly design is one I adapted from a wedding card we received from Japanese friends !

  4. Would you be willing to post directions on how you folded this? It's beautiful!

  5. Onna thanks for your visit and kind comment! I've had some requests to do this - maybe later this year!


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