20 January 2009

Illustration Friday - Pale

It looked like Jason's holiday had got off to an embarrasing start. By falling asleep in the sunshine with his socks and sunglasses on, he had unwittingly highlighted his naturally pale skin!


  1. hee, hee... this is great! Poor guy, just look at him! :o)

    I really like their pose too. Cute illustration Caroline!

  2. Hehehehe! Oh, Caroline, this is wicked good. So not fun when you're pale in obvious places. There's a dad at school who has a serious ski-slope burn. Ouch. Wonderful illo!

  3. Oh that made me laugh he-he-he! Very embarrassing ;P Great illustration!

  4. Wonderful illustration Caroline. Glad that it has never happened to me, but I have seen it many times in others.

    Love the bamboo shaped into a pineapple. Very clever and intriguing idea.

  5. I used to get those raccoon eyes when I lived in the mountains. Great illustration!


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