9 March 2009

Illustration Friday - Intricate

Here's my take on this week's theme - Intricate. I couldn't face another really intricate painting like the little nest and birdsI did last week, so decided to make a collage for something different. I must admit this was pretty fiddly to make too, but it was made in a few hours unlike the nest that took all week! This little striped cat is sleeping on a quilt made with Japanese Chiyogami papers. Puss is cut from rice paper with black card stripes, some graphite pencil detail, and whiskers of fishing line dipped in gesso. Unfortunately the scanner hasn't quite done justice to the beautiful silver and gold designs, but you can get a better look at the intricacy of the hand printed papers if you click on the image!

Look who's been helping out again! Tia enjoying the creative process with me yesterday!


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  2. Clever art, really sharp ideas. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful! I love Japanese paper, and the black and white cat looks just lovely against it. Great idea on the materials you chose! Your work is always so stunning. :)

  4. Really nice one! and oh such a cute little cat you've got!

  5. Really lovely one, fantastic! excellent!


    Rui Sousa

  6. Lovely. The cat works so well with the background.

  7. Your design for intricate is really lovely Caroline. It reminds me of a beautiful quilt. I loved your post on the process of batik too. Your batik looked lovely and I am sure your one on silk will too. I can imagine it is a bit scary to handle a tjanting for the first time. How lovely to watch the experts though.

  8. Very nice Caroline! the whole is very persian! with the patterns and the cat "hidden" inside!
    Really beautiful!

  9. Lovely work - and I LOVE Tia xxx

  10. That's great that you have a studio cat. What a cheerful presence!

    I've really enjoyed looking at your blog--beautiful beautiful stuff.

    I really really love that intricate nest that you said took so long--I can see wanting to do something different, and this piece is truly lovely, but the rewards of the time spent on the nest are an exquisite piece.

  11. GORGEOUS! I love this design! really beautiful patter and colours too. And I am so in love with your little studio pal Tia! she is too cute! have a great day! I hope you dont mind but I printed a pic of Tia..she is on my cork board..I just love her little face

  12. Awww... your kitty is adorable. ^_^ I like your piece too- the bright, busy background contrasts with the flatter colors of the cat, which makes for a nice mix.

  13. thank you for your comment. Love your blog beautiful work.

  14. Beautiful papers, beautiful piece!

  15. This is simply adorable! I'm very impressed (especially as a big cat lover myself!).

  16. Thanks to everyone for leaving such lovely comments - I'm always really happy to hear from you!

  17. This is AMAZING, Caroline! It's so beautifully done, so original, and it fits the theme perfectly!

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  19. i love this little quilt and kitty both loves of MY life. beautiful papers that look like fabric wonderful whiskers

  20. I am looking at this again over a year later...honestly I don't remember seeing it then, but I see I was the last to comment so obviously I did. I absolutely LOVE it and all it's detail that I looked at a lot more closely this time. Sure looks like my cat Henry curled up there. And gesso'd whiskers? Who of thought???? Fantastic.


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