13 March 2009

Leaf or Butterfly?

Isn't this amazing? Here's a butterfly masquerading as a leaf! When it opens its wings it reveals its amazing colours. Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, but the butterfly was so high up that I had to stand on tip-toe, hold the camera over my head and just shoot at what I hoped would be the right moment it would open its wings! Click for a closer view.


  1. And it appears that you were successful Caroline.

    The world is a wonderful place to have the opportunity to live in.



  2. OMG, that IS absolutely amazing! Not just a leaf, but a dried up, half-eaten leaf! Wow, nature is just awesome. So wonderful that you were able to spot him. Or her.

  3. Yes, this is an amazing little creature! Have to admit that he was 'spotted' in the KL Butterfly Garden where there are zillions of beautiful speciments - all equally difficult to capture on camera!


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