22 May 2009

Breast Cancer and Mammograms

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Could this device to detect cancer cells at an early stage, invented by a Malaysian Doctor, be the end to the barbaric, painful clamping we women have to endure each time we undergo a mammogram? This article appeared in a Malaysian newspaper yesterday and I thought it would interest many of you ladies out there. Clinical trials are about to start in Britain and China - keep everything crossed that they are successful!


  1. This brings up so much stuff for me - that is, so much of the medical system seems set up to reduce the patient to the level of a child, who must endure certain humiliations to get a reward. My mother has a religious faith in doctors, and continues to request they give her pills, which all have horrendous side effects. The whole mammogram thing is, as you say, barbaric, and makes one feel like a piece of meat - to the point where I think - will "they" allow some guy to come up with a more humane approach?. Sometimes I feel very primitive in my suspicion of the profession/industry. A bit digressive...

  2. Hello Caroline! Any new invention and innovation that would help early diagnosis od debilitating and terminal diseases is a breakthrough. I know mammograms are a hastle but I would never forgo one for that reason. We have less painful mammograms at our hospital system, quite improved from old techniques.

  3. Excellent! Keep moving forward. Doesn't sound like this would do away with the clamping. Same old squeeze, just better imaging.

    Thanks, Caroline!

  4. Thanks for sharing Caroline and bring this to our attention:)
    I hope this invention should have came much earlier, so that more breast cancer patients got the reliefs and benefit from this discovery!

    You love the project Good 50 x 70. The participants & winners had really spent a great deal of time and effort to come out with these cool design.
    I am thinking to participate once I master photoshop!

    Have a purple weekend Caroline.

  5. I think mammograms are important but because I have inflammatory breast cancer I had two mammograms and neither showed a lump because of course there is no lump.

    Also out of a room of 15 ladies with breast cancer only 3 were found by mammogram.

    I still think they are needed though but so are many more tests.

    Love Renee xoxoxo


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