25 July 2009

Road to Ronda and more

We travelled the scenic route from San Martin de Tesorillio to Ronda. A wonderful windy, twisty road into the mountains with beautiful vistas at every turn.

If you click on this one, you'll be able to see the route we took.

The wildflowers en route were simply gorgeous!

I couldn't resist gathering a bag full of enormous pine cones too, but sadly my suitcase wasn't big enough to transport them all and I had to leave most behind :( Only one actually made it back here to Malaysia where it now enjoys pride of place in my workroom with a lovely etching of the Al Hambra.

This is the beautiful town of Ronda. It's located on a rocky shelf of the Serrania (mountainous area) of Malaga. Breathtaking!

What a lovely way to display a colourful collection of plates.

More fabulous Moroccan ceramics and lanterns in this shop in Ronda - a veritable Aladdin's cave. Tempting, but again, no chance of buying anything as we are travelling with budget airlines which means we have next to no weight allowance :(

Note to self - must come back by car one day to buy a few of these beauties!!

Speaking of Morocco - it's not far on the ferry from Tarifa. We did the trip one day and experienced a whirlwind tour of the Medina at Tangiers. Unfortunately, there was no time to stop and take many good photos , as our guide was a man on a mission, intent on showing us the whole place in 2 hours flat and stopping only at favourite tourist traps .....
Carpet, silver and spice sellers all plied their wares, but years of living in the Middle East have honed our souk shopping skills and we fended them off!
I snapped these as we raced around!

Still to come: FIESTA in Frigiliana and glimpses of the Al Hambra Palace.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Caroline!!!

  2. the pics in Tangiers are so great!
    hope you'll have more time on your next trip to wander and push further Marrakech....

  3. how incredible!!!! amazing buildings :)

  4. Wow Caroline, I wish I could travel with you even if it means to carry your luggages. Thank you very much for sharing this. I already think I've been to Spain and Morocco. But of course there are places that was not included in this and that you have to share too!hahaha take care always!

  5. Look at the blooms and findings! I really admire you Caroline.
    You have captured them so well!

  6. I need to literally lay down and rest after reading each of your posts...seriously.... I get so involved in all the beauty and description and ambiance!!!! This post took my breath away... I love pattern and design and this was filled to the brim with it.... I could have stopped and rested at the pinecone and been totally happy...but then the trip to Ronda...and that amazing gorge and bridge just sent my heart into the stratosphere! Spectacular!!!!!!!
    Love the tile work in Morocco tremendously...I have always been drawn to the beauty and intricacies of tiling...mmm!

    Thanks for sharing such a glorious adventure with all of us!

  7. Superb photography, Caroline. What an absolutely wonderful trip you've taken us on. Takes my breath away. Seriously.

  8. Looks like I'm not the only one who has been left breathless! But then visiting your simply beautiful blog is akin to being whisked away on a magic carpet to a place of infinite gorgeousness!!


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