10 August 2009

Blogland Lane

Have you heard? There's a new exciting community called Blogland Lane starting up. Everyone's talking about it! Pop over to kj's blog now to read more about it.

I've spent the weekend moving into my new home - you'll find me at No 7984. Why did I choose it? Location, location, location! Yes, that means it has a view of the ocean!! Check this out - I think you'll agree it's gorgeous both by day and night!!

View from house and private beach.

Main house, pool and gardens.

And this is the guest house - want to come and stay?

Photo credits - tropicalhomesbali.com


  1. Lovely place you have! Welcome to the neighborhood. You are always welcome to visit me in my cottage and gardens any time!

  2. Hi there neighbor, what a beautiful place you found ! Wow, that private beach looks like it goes on forever ! Nice place for some bonfire gatherings in the evening ? And feel free to stop by #524 on your way into town, for coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, or aperitifs in the early evening... there's always someone or other about... :-)

  3. oh.my.god.

    caroline, this is stunning. i'm at your place as soon as the sun comes up and as soon as it goes down!

    great job, neighbor. i'll look forward to getting to know you. i like your blog already.


  4. that view is fabadabadoo, we can visit and hang out and do ART! xxx

  5. oh la la..! Caroline, congrats on your new house ! :-)
    yes...this is paradise...!

    ps : as ever thank you for your sweet comments on mariage au soleil.
    to answer your question, i found the orange ribbon at my haberdasher's here in the village. I can send you some if you want. Just email me !

  6. Ok, you fooled me there for a moment, lol. I thought you really did move and I was definitely going to come stay with you, hahahaha!

  7. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    So gorgeous place Caroline.
    Such a beautiful new house and it's well equipped with the best and finest amenities!
    Great views too!
    I love your cool house and your photographies are really beautiful!
    I am glad you and I want to find out more.
    I will come back for more sharing!

  8. Ooooh, yes PLEASE! Heaven on earth...and just the most perfectly perfect 'Caroline-type' house. Just what I would imagine you'd choose with your quite exquisite taste!

    Your IF illo below is enchanting and an absolutely great take on the prompt. Love it!


    PS. Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments on my Matatu post.

  9. Hahaha! You almost got me there Caroline. I was about to ask you if I could stay at your place and invite a whole brigade of friends from Singapore. We're planning to visit Malaysia after my event here.

    By the way, are you not going back to Sg this weekend? My friends say Malaysia is only 5hrs away by bus. If you do, please drop by Suntec. I would really like to meet you in person.:)

  10. WOW Caroline, Gorgeous! So amazing! congrats! I am drooling over here! xoxo Lisa

  11. A breathtakingly beautiful view and an extremely elegant house! Congratulations!


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