1 September 2009

Yoon See 'n me @ KLCC

It's not often you get to put a face or even a voice to a name in the blogging world! And it's even rarer to get to meet with a fellow blogger - but I did last week - I met up with Yoon See! We enjoyed coffee and a chat at Suria KLCC, right there by the Petronas Twin Towers. Yoon See is delightful; full of chat and fun!

She took time out of her busy teaching schedule to meet up with me and came bearing gifts too - delightful little prints of her art and this really cute, celadon green(one of my favourite colours) elephant, made by her own fair hand. 'GreenEli' is now holding bits and pieces on my desk in my workroom! Thank you so much Yoon See, you are so generous - I hope to see you again!

Many of you will already know sweet Yoon Seen, but if you are not yet familiar with her blog, be sure to pop in to Greener Pastures, home of her delightful photography and art and craft!


  1. Thanks Caroline.
    You are indeed a great friend of mine.
    Yes, I love your special accompany Caroline. That afternoon meet up sure is a treasure:)
    Wow! You look stunning here with green. No wonder, your favourite is green:)
    I can't wait to meet up with you again!
    When is our next meet up?

  2. How fun to meet blog friends in person! :-)

  3. How cool is that? What a beautiful pic of two of my favorite IFers.

  4. AWWWW!!! Two of the LOVELIEST ladies at KLCC! What a beautiful photo.

    I wanted to thank you for your very sweet and thoughtful message earlier this summer. You are a treasured friend, and your warm wishes brought me a lot of comfort. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    Caroline, I've had such a good time catching up with your posts. Your art is stunning, as always. Wow to your peppers! I'm excited to hear about your ATC exchange with Ces, too. :)


  5. Oh how wonderful. You are lucky to meet yoon see, she is such a wonderful lovely blogger friend!

  6. you two met, how wonderful, and how wonderful to see both your faces. i love it when bloggers meet,yay!


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