29 November 2009

Oliver and the Apples

Last weekend I wrote about the auction for kj's Wishes and Dreams Foundation - see post here. Everyone who got involved was really generous and four hundred and fifty dollars were raised that weekend! Fantastic! The winner of the auction for my painting was none other than.... a parrot!! And not just any parrot either!! Oliver, the larger than life, Congo African Grey Parrot, to be precise! He and his owner, Debra Kay had battled it out with BT to win a 'surprise' painting by me!! When he realised he had won, Oliver was very excited and immediately sent me an email telling me all about himself and what kind of painting he would like!

So without further ado, I have great pleasure in presenting........

drum roll please .........................


a watercolour painting of a parrot, commissioned by a parrot for a parrot!!

As you can see I've included the crown you so desired, Oliver, and your favourite snacks! I do hope you like it - I had fun researching Congo African Grey Parrots and eating apples!! By the way, the crown is really gold and VERY shiny in real life - the scan simply doesn't do it justice! Click image to enlarge, then click again to magnify more to view in detail!


  1. O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!

    They're going to absolutely die when they see this!!
    I'd know him anywhere, especially with his apples.
    Fantastic job caroline...and so quick!!

    Lucky Oliver (and deb!)

    Wowee, kazowie.

  2. The woman let me blog today and it's SUNDAY. I am over the moon with happiness. Even the woman is not jealous, because it's so ME, ME, ME.

    Honestly, who could ask for a better subject to paint than your's truly? The woman actually got weepy a bit because it's so perfect, but not ME....I hollered for joy joy joy! CRY?; NO NO NO....yell and be happy.

    I am so happy happy I won won won! Winning is good and I'm going to compete more and I am going to collect more ART. This defines me me me, mister bird, as a serious art collector.

    Apples apples apples-all shiny and beautiful and forever MINE! I love you Caroline.

  3. The parrot really looks amazing!!!

  4. Oh good grief, I am ON DA FLOOR! This is a stunning, stunning portrait. Lucky Oliver! Pretty bird!

  5. OH! MY! GOD!
    and then some!

    caroline, this is unbelievable. i know debra kay and my guess is she just about fainted when she saw this. i love the way i feel like i am looking down on oliver. i know oliver too and this treasure will give him wings and bragging rights for the next ten years.

    we raised $ 450. you made it so much fun. and now this! having you for my lovely friend and being your lovely friend--what could be better, nicer, more fun?

    thanks another million, caroline.

    love across the miles,

  6. Caroline! Oliver is so lucky to have this stupendous painting! I just love the softness of the colors and everything about it. I wish I could paint like you.:)

  7. WOW!!!!!
    Amazing stunning!!!!!!
    My........ I just love it but my guess is that Debra and Oliver are the luckiest 2 when they saw this.
    I have no words for this.
    You are incredibly talented! (and generous)


  8. It's really me this time-Debra Kay. Oliver has been insufferable with his own importance ever since I showed him this.

    I really did get weepy, but it was with complete and utter joy, I was happy for me and overjoyed that somebody saw Oliver as I see him too (and he certainly sees himself). The part I keep getting drawn back to is the softness in his eyes. When he looks at me and his eyes go soft, I melt and give him anything he wants.

  9. That is so fantastic! I am always in awe of your talent.

  10. I hope you know that you are a master painter

    Caroline, the very little ATC that you did for me vfloored me so I know that this painting will be a hundredfold delightfu!.

  11. Stunning Caroline! What a beauty! :)

  12. Oliver's going to be pleased with this Caroline. It's stunning

  13. Oh my goodness gracious...this is STUNNING, Caroline! What a LUCKY parrot. I know a true work of art when I see one, and this is one. Beautifully illustrated!! I am so happy to hear of the success of the fundraiser. Always so great to hear from you. Have a super week ahead!

  14. It's true, Caroline, this painting is AMAZING! You've captured Oliver so perfectly, I feel like I can touch his feathers. You do fantastic portraits!

  15. Lucky Oliver and Debra Kay! How awesome!!! You did a beautiful job on this girl :)

  16. Wow, that painting is gorgeous Caroline. You are so talented. It is really bright and beautiful and I am sure Oliver will love it to bits.

    Love the piccies of Tia too. She is really one uber sweet kitty. I love the one with her little pink tongue out. I love it when our cats do that but never have the camera handy.

  17. lucky oliver, and lucky Debra Kay for possessing such a wonderful creature...(and now art work from your talented self!)

  18. I don't know how I originally missed this post. That Debra is so blessed to have such a great likeness of her Mr Bird. Great Job!!!!

  19. What a unique customer! Love the way you fulfilled the order.

  20. What a lovely painting - I love the facial expression (and the crown of course). Clever you. Bfn. Lesley

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  22. Wow! Wow! Wow! Caroline this is the most beautiful painting! Once again, I'm astounded by your talent.

  23. I am so overjoy to witness this beautiful masterpiece by you dear caroline.
    I must get some tips from you, I know you are the best coach for me.....He..He..
    I have learned so much from your on line lesson and hope to meet up with you for a Chritmas gift ex-change.
    Hope to meet you up when we both are free Caroline!


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