25 November 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Grumpy ol' Cat


  1. That top photo grabbed my attention. Is that cat ready for a meeting? Thanksgiving dinner? Information please? Too funny.

  2. Those are some great shots! I especially love the first one.

    The enormous paper clips are in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. :D

  3. What a darling kitty. I have always wanted a cat this color, but one has never adopted us and all our cats have come to us in need. :) We've never gone to pick one out. Had some great cats thru the years too.

  4. he doesn't look grumpy to me, caroline. he just knows he's beautiful.

    hey, i have giant paper clips. why, are you looking for some?

    whatever you're doing when you read this, i wish you happy thanksgiving and the start of happy holidays. i can't wait for my little package to arrive. oooh!

    love love

  5. OH How I love your Cat! such a gorgeous kitty cat with such a pesonality! have a great day Caroline, Really loved the other pics with cats visitng you!

  6. Grumpy Old cat looks both handsome and beautiful to me and I am sure as soft as a pillow.

    My dearest Caroline, thank you for being a part of my life. Your beautiful art inspires me, your kind and comforting words with each visit warm my heart and make me smile. Thank you very much dearest Caroline.


  7. Hello Caroline, He is so cool & cutelooking.
    Comfortable spot to get him ready for shots!


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