14 December 2009

Another Travelling Books Page

This one is for Marianne whose book is all about her little black cat Sjimmie who is travelling the world. He arrived here in KL a few days ago and has been having a great time sightseeing and learning all about life in Malaysia. He sent a postcard back home and put his photos in an album - they're all attached with photo hinges - the postcard has a message for Marianne on the reverse. I used watercolour pencils, ink, paper and batik fabric to create this page.

This is the front and back of the postcard - click to enlarge if you want to read the text.


  1. You and I were busy this weekend ;)

    Marianne is going to love love love this!!! So much thought and whimsy went into this. What an adventure Sjimmie had!

  2. I can see that Sjimmie had such a good time with your kitties. FUN.

  3. we three were busy this weekend, nice way to keep warm. marianne is gonna love this, i can just hear her squeals of delight. (actually i am not sure that she does squeal.)

  4. This is adorable and such a clever idea! I like how she made her cat do the travelling, don't you?

  5. Yes, so thoughtful,sweet and touching! love it :)

  6. Love the gecko hunting and mahjong in the garden. You should do a book of your cats garden adventures Caroline!

  7. This is absolutely stupendous!
    I am mind boggled! A cat learning majong! LOVE IT. So beautifully done!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a book this will be.

  8. I do agree with all friends' says here.
    Congrats and I love to see more!
    I especially love the twin tower one!

  9. OH WOW AWESOME! This is so beautiful and so much fun!!!!!!! I love love love it!
    Thank you so much Caroline! I have looked at it several times already.
    Oh I love Sjimmie's book can't wait to see it in real.
    Love the orchids! Love those polaroids which can be taken off, the postcard. Well everything!
    You are such a talent!

    Read all the comments and I agree with them!
    I love love love it and I squeled!!!!
    And that Sjimmie is one lucky cat!
    And I a lucky Mom to him!
    Thanks Caroline!

  10. Absolutey...awesome...as always! What a magnificent exchange! :)


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