24 March 2010

Trip to Penang

Here are a few pics from a trip we made recently to the beautiful Malyasian island of Penang. Lots of golden temples with dragons and a lovely tropical spice garden here.

Aromatic ginger and lemongrass.

This plant reminds me of the dragon above!

Lots of different bamboos - this one is black.

And this one is Buddha's belly!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. what a simply lovely part of the world to live, we saw thailand, but always wanted to see malaysia. How fortunate to be amongst this beauty. hope you are feeling fine. haven't forgotten the new postcard.

  2. So beautiful and exotic! I love all the colors and new images. .....love that tiled lotus floor at the end--so cool.

  3. Caroline, you are such a wonderful photographer. What an eye you have for composition!!
    I wanted to transport myself to the boat in the pond. So tranquil.
    Thanks so much for sharing these amazing images ;)

  4. OMG caroline, you have become such a very dear friend that i sometimes forget you live in a distant land that i find ever fascinating and riveting.

    what experiences you have had. i wonder how they affect your paintings?

    take care. that is an order from the highest executive level.


  5. It is so other-worldly there. The architecture, plants, color. Just beautiful.

  6. You are a most excellent tour guide, dear Caroline. Fantastic sights! All those colorful dragons are spectacular, and the lotus candles are soothing. Love that floral silhouette behind the palm. And Buddha's Belly! I've never seen that before. So wonderful that you followed it up with the real Buddha Belly. :)

  7. Every photo transports me into a state of bliss... Love your photo tours...so rich on so many levels! :)


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