13 April 2010

Positive /negative

'Keep your face to sun and you'll never see the shadows' - Helen Keller

Thankyou to everyone who has left me a comment on my previous 'Missing' post - I really appreciated hearing from you all and I'm well on the road to recovery now - must be all those positive healing thoughts beamed my way!

The painting above is a watercolour on gessoed board that I made a couple of weeks ago. I painted this building layers with negative painting. Negative painting is a process of finding shapes by painting the surrounding area. I like the quotation by Helen Keller - it helps me stay positive.

Beautiful Charlie - sadly still at large - that's negative. However, I like to think he's found himself some new family or perhaps a vast supply of juicy mice somewhere. I'm thinking positive !

Poor disgruntled Bob - definitely feeling negative! His eye hasn't completely healed after his operation. One more stitch left, so hopefully it won't be long now before he's back to normal. He's thoroughly fed up with his plastic plant pot on his head and driving us mad with his constant yowling. He needs to get outside - that'll be a positive improvement for everybody concerned!

Talking of outside - there was a terrific storm last Friday afternoon. These are a couple of photos I took from the sitting room looking out onto the garden. The heavens opened and in just a few quick minutes so much rain fell that the storm drains couldn't cope, the swimming pool almost overflowed and the water rose several inches, threatening to come into the house. Anxious moments!! Thankfully, the storm abated before the flood advanced further - we kept our feet dry but could have used an umbrella inside as the rain sneaked in after all via the roof - I wasn't best pleased to find the sofa receiving a dousing!

On the positive side we wouldn't have such a fabulous garden without the rain!


  1. Glad you're back Caroline. You know what cats are, Charlie will probably turn up as if he's never been away and wonder what all the fuss is about but it's a worry not knowing.
    Beautiful painting and photos. I'd like a dip in your pool at the moment, I've sneaked away from my computer to do some gardening and it's baking here - lovely.

  2. Oh my Caroline what a beautiful picture of daisies. I also love the montage of flowers, such wonders of God. Sorry about the couch though. Hope the cat situation improves for you.

  3. so glad you are back on the mend no, good! and yes charlie is out there somewhere- remember cats have 7 lives. sending you a bunch of cyber (get well)daisies to match those gorgeous ones you have just painted.i still haven't made you a new postcard, will one day, promise.xxx

  4. Caroline, your blog is so beautiful. Unfortunately Blogger has not alerted me each time you post so I am behind on my viewing and visits here.

    Sorry you had to have surgery, but glad you are on the mend.
    Sorry your cat is missing and I do hope he shows up soon. We found Henry after he'd been gone two months if you can believe that. He showed up on a farm 45 minutes from us by car! He still has not told us how he got there. Thank goodness he had a collar with our phone number on it.

    Hope Bob heals soon too. He looks so pethetic with his cone on. I hate those and know the cats do too. Poor guy.

    Your photos are stupendously wonderful to see.

    Hope the sofa survives its dousing.

    Your painting in the negative is interesting and beautiful too.

    Be well.

  5. Beautiful photos, Caroline! I'm so glad to see you're back and that you're getting better. I'm sad about Charlie but I agree with you - he must be with a new home hopefully continuing on with a charmed life. Thank goodness the rain stopped! Your painting is so wonderful - I give you a lot of credit to work in that process..it sounds so difficult to do. I continually am inspired by you. Thank you for visiting this morning..what a treat that site is, huh?! I hope you contribute!! I know it'll be a beautiful piece. Keep me posted. : )

  6. This painting is lovely. So cheerful, and fresh!
    I love that quote of Helen Keller's too! :)

  7. You've certainly had a lot to contend with Caroline. I hope you are feeling better by the day and that Bob stops his yowling. Sending positive thoughts for the return of Charlie.

  8. Glad to hear you are feeling better Caroline. I bet you were astounded to find your sofa getting a soaking. Mercy that must have been some rainfall. Love the negative painting. I am hoping that your MIA cat is sitting on someone elses lap eating fresh tuna bits. Your other cat is lucky that you take such good care of him. Your garden has such exotic looking characters in it. I enjoy seeing that part of your life too.

  9. your garden is absolutely lovely!!

  10. Oh dear Charlie, worrisome...I like to think that a generous old lady took him in , gave him mouse creams and a velvet cushion...Your yard is amazing- like the movies! WOW! and so glad you are on the mend...how does your kitty eat with the cone of shame making all things lickable out of reach?

  11. Hi Caroline...sorry about the negatives...but you have it right to always focus on the positive things!!!

  12. Oh Caroline, I am so sad that Charlie is still missing. I do hope he comes home soon.
    Wow, what a great job you did on the negative painting. I've tried this and it is not easy. Yours is very pretty.
    That's a lotta rain there, baby! Looks like your whole back yard is a swimming pool. April showers bring May flowers!

  13. That's a stunning painting caroline! Did you paint my lovely trees in the same manner?

    That pool! That yard! it does look like a Hollywood set :)
    My goodness, that rain though! Sorry about the sofa. Hopefully it isn't ruined.

    Oh Charlie, my heart breaks for your 'not knowing.' I'll picture him in nirvana but I'll tell him to please go home so you stop worrying! Perhaps he went back to the family he left before you?

    Bob looks good! You can take that cone off as long as he's supervised. I'm sure you know that :)

    Hurray, you're on the mend! ♥

    Oh, how do you create those grids for the photo montages? The flowers are beautiful!


  14. welcome back sweet caroline!

    it is always so fun for me to see another 'piece' of someone i've come to know and care about. so seeing your yard and pool was quite a treat--very beautiful and soothing!

    i'll be in touch. meanwhile, my prayers continue for charlie and here's a tsup!! to you.


  15. What a awesome painting!!!
    I have never heard of this way of painting but then again I still have to learn so much!

    Good for you you stay that possitive also about Charlie....O my.... your heart must ne aching....

    And that poor Bob
    Hope has hood soon belongs to the past. Oh I can feel his agony. I always get nervous of situations like these.
    What a relief to all when his eye will be healed his lamp hood off and the door to the garden open!!!!

    nature is fabulous over there and yes you need rain for that!

    Take care!
    And once again I love your painting!


  16. What beautiful art... your daisies are lovely, bright and cheerful. I am sorry to hear about your cat and agree, it can do wonders for the soul to think positive... even if its for a little while. Hopefully he will be making his way home to you very soon. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art and photos.

  17. Helen Keller's words ring true. Caroline welcome back. It is great to see you!

    I hope you are recovering well. Please get much needed rest though. Do not push yourself.

  18. Gorgeous painting Caroline. I love the colour combination. I hope you are feeling better now. We did miss you.

    Poor Charlie. I am sure he is well fed wherever he is...cats are much more independent than we like to think and they can manage quite well without us. Mind you we have had missing cats returning after many weeks so don't give up hope of seeing him again.

    Amazing rain you had. I really like your back garden. Looks spiritual, even when very wet indeed.

  19. I wNt your pool I want your pool stamp stamping my feet!

  20. Awesome colors on this and glad to have you back...now if you would just kidnap me and take me to Malaysia...I can eat less than a cat if need be...or even the cat if required...sleeping quarters...if you have some stairs I can stay under or a cardboard box that will be fine...

  21. What a wonderful watercolor-painting - and I love the quote you've used.

  22. I'm so sorry that Charlie is still missing - they have nine lives so he must be living it up somewhere else. I love this painting and am assuming that must be how you painted my sunflower in the Global Greetings swap. I love it! Thank you!

  23. WhooooooaaaaT? NO! Not yet. Am I to expect one? I will let you know right away as soon as it gets here. Thank you. Hope you are feeling better. Tsup!

  24. Wonderful blog!!! Congratulations.

  25. Caroline, what a spectacular post! Being able to take in the negative and appreciate the positives make for a cohesive, complete existence, just like your beautiful painting. It must have been exciting to build layer upon layer and see the gorgeous flowers emerging. I'm so happy to hear you are mending well and back to creating. Charlie is on an extended adventure, and hopefully he will return soon with stories to tell.

    Take care! xoxo

  26. Sorry Charlie is still out and about! Hopefully home soon. Your painting has such wonderful vivid colors - very nice.

    By the way, rain or not, I'm really taking a liking to your pool - I'm sure it's bliss on a hot day.

  27. Beautiful flowers...love the background texture tremendously.


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