4 November 2010


Hello - I've taken it upon myself to write this post as Mum is racing around like a headless chicken - has been for the last week really !

So, she's neglected her blog and I thought I should tell you that she's leaving me here in charge of the studio as she's heading for Dubai for something called 'THE WEDDING'. Whatever that is has meant the printer has been working overtime producing menus and place cards this week and she's had no time for sitting with me in the studio. The cases are packed with the posh frock and fancy shoes and she'll be back to tell you all about it in a couple of weeks! Purrs, Tia.


  1. Tia you are a doll.....and I know sleeping on that flat bowl is very comfy....as my cat Benny,,,uhhhh you would like him too...loves to sleep in strange places also. But I understand you cats love to do that...you guys can sleep anywhere unlike us human types. Can´t wait for your report after your mom returns from DO-BUY......later...

  2. Thanks for the update Tia. I hope your Mum has a great time. I know she will look beautiful in her fancy frock and shoes. I can't wait to see photos of "The Wedding". It will be a great time. Please do keep us up to date. Too bad Mum's dress won't have any cat hair on it. She won't feel quite rightly dressed without some.

  3. OOOOOOOOOHHHH! You so cutie patootie! I am not very fond of cats but I think you have convinced me. I only wish I did not sneeze because right now I just want to kiss your face. You are cuuuuuuuute! ACHOOO! Excuse me, sweetheart. Truly you look so lovable curled up, you can curl up on my lap.

    Tell your Mum to have a marvelous time. She sure is busy! She is my favorite watercolorist. I am sure whatever she created for THE WEDDING is fabulous.


  4. My goodness, what a smart little girl you are to have figured out the computer! Please so send your mom our good wishes for a beautiful wedding!

    And remind her to take a slow, calming deep breath once in a while too!

  5. Tia, looks like you have everything under control! I hope Caroline has a wonderful time at the wedding. Tell her to take lots of photos.

  6. beautiful, beautiful Tia! I always love seeing you in your exquisite tuxedo ;)

    I knew the wedding was soon, and OH how exciting it's taking place now! I can't wait to see the pictures. I'm sure it will be like a fairy tale!

    I'll wait patiently~

    Auntie Lolo♥

  7. OH OH OH!!! EXCITEMENT! YIIIIIIIIII!!! I hope your Mum has the time of her life! Yayyyyyyyy!

    I think the world would be a much better place with cats in charge, don't you?

  8. Good to leave you in charge Tia! I am sure you know your priorities.
    Hope your mom will have lots of fun in Dubai!
    Great pictures of you, so inspiring makes me want to take a nap in the sunshine............

  9. Puurr Tia, I think you should go on a vacation too! Have a safe trip Caroline!:)

  10. :) lovely and have a wonderful time! Best wishes to all :D

  11. Take care Caroline, I hope to hear from you again:)
    Happy wedding to your belove princess and enjoy your trip Caroline!


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