10 December 2010

So many projects, so little time!

You may remember I posted this work in progress of mangosteens a few weeks ago and promised to share the result when it was ready. I have lots of unfinished pieces like this in the cupboards in my studio - I wonder just how many of you can relate to that?! I start off all enthused by a subject and then go off on a tangent when another idea pops into my head! So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to take a few days to finish several 'half baked' projects and little watercolour on mountboard got another airing! I wasn't sure how to set about the background and tried various options (fortunately easily removed from the primed surface) before deciding on a dark green which I toned down later with a dusting of very dry white gouache. I quite like the effect of this white paint which catches the raised folds of the textured tissue paper surface. You can get a better idea of this if you enlarge the photo.

Mangosteen trio ©Caroline Soer 2010

Tulips from my sketchbook.

Another project is a painting of these tulips using the same technique. I'll try to remember to take photos of the work in progress to share later. May be a while though, as I'm part way through making a little handmade book featuring some of the birds to be found here in Malaysia...

©Caroline Soer 2010

In fact I have several ideas for little books. Oh, and then there's my website..... must get on with that too! And the Sketchbook Project...... only done a few pages for that so far - need to get my skates on! And Christmas is coming.... so I've given my blog a wintery look this morning. With temperatures in the 30's here in KL its helping me get in a festive mood!


  1. I know the feeling ......so many projects and so little time. A very inspiring post! I love the first 2 images and now feel the need to get into the studio.

  2. I think most of us can relate to all the ideas that pop up and takes in too many/so many directions! LOVE those mangosteens and can't wait to see the step-by-step!

    Love the bird series too! Remember to focus.....and breathe!

  3. Oh your bird is beautiful...and... more to come. Be still my heart. Love em.

  4. To begin with, I've missed you!
    Now, that header is wonderful for winter! Great textures and wintry colors.

    Thiose mangosteens came out delectable! I think it would make a lovely holiday card. Just gorgeous caroline!

    I know what you mean about ynfinished projects. I have a hundred of them, some still packed away in boxes.
    I went to a very inspiring art exhibit today and now I want to look up my favorites to see if they have websites! And that means I have even MORE ideas in my head now that I've been inspired.

    Take a deep breath. We'll all get through this busy time ;)


  5. I don't know what mangosteens are but I love the look of them!
    I have abandoned my art studio until after the Christmas rush. Then I can focus on fun stuff again.

  6. Before I forget, I must tell you that the new header is gorgeous.

    Oh, Caroline! The mangosteens!!! They are jaw droppingly incredible. The colors are deep and go perfectly together. And the texture of the paper makes it look like I am looking through a sheet of ice. I am so in love!

    And the bird is beautiful as well. That will be a spectacular book!

  7. I totally know what you're talking about. I need time!!!

    But those whatever-those-things-are--those are absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to have to try your technique because I absolutely love that texture. The whole thing is so luminous.

  8. Love the mangosteens, love the crystal looks textures, very beautiful and inspired technique! I'm imagining how beautiful the tulips will turn out using the same technique!

  9. Your talent with watercolour never fails to amaze Caroline. Those mangosteens look like rubies with gold tops and I love the texture of the background - very precious indeed.

    I was wondering how you are getting on with the sketchbook project. I am over halfway through my book now but mine are probably more drawing than sketching and therefore taking longer. Will have to get a bit of a move on though. Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. The most beautiful drawing of tulips ...

  11. Oh those nagging unfinished projects.... Caroline your work is stunning!

  12. A day should have more than 24 hours! I know what you mean.

    Lovely projects and I love the winterlook of your blog.


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