21 December 2010

Golden Oriole ©Caroline Soer 2010

I hope this watercolour might just qualify for this week's Illustration Friday word 'Mail'! I'm fond of collaging postmarks and stamps into my illustrations.

Java Sparrow ©Caroline Soer 2010

Here's another I've just done for my 'In Flight' sketchbook.


  1. Wonderful! Your birds are fantastic!

  2. What exotic (to me) birds you have. I like the way you have incorporated the postmarks into your sketches. They tell where the birds come from.

  3. Whoah! I love your work! The birds are beautiful!

  4. These are exquisitely beautiful. It makes me feel somehow like I'm living in Hawaii--or that someone is getting mail from Hawaii, or Panama, or somewhere else where the light is like that, and there are beautiful birds like that. Lovely!

  5. oh wow Caroline!!!! these birds are fantastic!!! wow!!!!beautiful work!!!

  6. Gorgeous birds and such a clever use of the stamp image!!!

  7. Wow love the colors of the oriole Caroline! Great concept too!~

  8. I agree all fabulous. Just popped in to wish you and yoursd a very very happy Xmas and healthy happy 2011. with lotsa hugs from a freezing London xxx

  9. Hi Caroline!!
    Thank you very much for your comment and your desire
    Merry Christmas!
    I also send my wishes for happy holidays!
    I've seen that you are in Kuala Lumpur.
    In April 2011, I'll be out there with my wife! We want to know this fabulous city!
    Well, hope you have Merry Christmas!

  10. caroline, I have NO idea how I'm ever going to finish (begin!) that sketchbook!! I knew when I signed up that the holidays would interfere. I hope to be determined though. That said, MY how beautiful your birds are! And you know I have several of your stamps in my art and collages ;)

    Lovely, lovely.

    Merry Merry dear friend!


  11. Oh my gosh....your birds are gorgeous. I love all that straight color in the first and the softness in the second. Fantastic...


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