17 December 2010

Sketchbook Project

I signed up for the Sketchbook Project months ago and realised this week that I need to get going with it as the deadline for handing it in is January! So, without further ado here are my first few pages.

The front cover - my theme is 'In Flight'

Front and back covers

First double spread. I glued a map over the thin pages and drew this bird on top.

The pages are so thin that paint and glue will cockle the paper . Almost everthing but light pencil shows through on the other side, so this is going to be a challenge! On the left, I've collaged items to sturdier paper and glued to the other side of the map page. I then drew with coloured pencils. On the right I tried a carved rubber stamp - it shows through on the other side a little, but not too badly.

Feathers in pencil.

And here's who was watching me whilst I was drawing - a grumpy ol' black and white cat sitting on a black and white mat!


  1. After seeing those thin pages I am glad I didn't sign up for this project. I was afraid what with all that goes on this time of year I wouldn't get it done. Your beginnings look great. Even if your grumpy cat doesn't agree. He doesn't look very agreeable now. The word verification is catra. Ha..

  2. Love your pages ......ahhhh kitty kat is soooo sweet. Reminds me of my cat that I grew up with...Mittens...Mitty for short.
    Lived to be 19 years old.

  3. These are beautiful! My cat is a grump, too.

  4. i, too, have found the pages difficult- gluing onto the pages seems to be the best option for me and I just know that January will be here too quickly to actually complete "revenge" so I seriously doubt that I will send it...nice try, self
    Yours are off to a fabulous start, my dear! Wonderful! Good luck with completion!

  5. I think I have let this project go to the wayside. Your pages are wonderful. Maybe, this week and next I do have time...we'll see.
    Your cat is most precious. Love that little beige spot on her chest. Sweet.

  6. Tis is always in supervisor mode!

    I love the start Caroline. I have about 6 pages done myself!! I knew I bit off a bit too much. I'll work on some today but I also have a big painting in the works which is calling to my muse. Still, it's a wonderful project and I'd love to keep up my end of the bargain. We'll see!


  7. What a lovely beginning! I remember receiving a sketch book years ago from my grandmother when I was a child. I recall very thin, almost see through pages...it was only for pencil drawings, I was told. With that book is where I got my love of sketching...just anything and with pencil! I still doodle, mostly with pen, now.

  8. i love feathers, caroline.

    i am due to get a feather tattoo, which to some is shocking for my age and stage, but to me signifies something i want to remember.

    i will love to see this sketchbook as you go along. no watercolors possible because of the thinness of the paper?

    btw, do you mind if i am your number 1 fan?

  9. Caroline, you are SOARING! This is a beautiful take-off. My seat back is in the upright position, I'm so excited!!!

  10. Very glad to see some of your sketchbook illustrations Caroline but I am jealous. Mine aren't nearly as nice. I love the one you have chosen for the cover. I haven't done my cover yet but I have a boring brown one so I think watercolour stripes might be the order of the day with some sort of drawing centrally. Good luck with completing it.


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