10 January 2011

Illustration Friday - deja vu

Digital image ©Caroline Soer 2011

I have been working really hard on my images for the Sketchbook Project this last week, so haven't had much time to create something for Illustration Friday's 'deja vu'. This is a digital manipulation of last week's Peace Dove lino cut on watercolour. Back to the drawing board now - still got several more pages to finish before mailing by the 15th!


  1. This reminds me of the image that a dove leaves on the patio windows when it strikes.

  2. ...this is really cool. I really love the right side with the bird in browns--that part is so peaceful.

  3. oh wow!!! this is wonderful work...I love the differences in each piece!!!

  4. I love it, you clever girl!

    I'm pulling my hair out right along side of you ;)

    We can do this!!♥

  5. Hi Caroline. I have just completed mine and it is ready to post tomorrow. I bet yours is filled with your wonderful paintings. It is thanks to you that I joined the sketchbook project after reading about it on your blog. I think we have done very well.

    The dove images are lovely. I particularly like the colours of the central panel.

  6. Twice as beautiful, twice as fun!

  7. Your ideas so often amaze me and I love your owl header.

  8. a digital manipulation??

    the kind i don't know how to do and wish i did?

    the kind added to your already overflowing basket of talents?

    very cool, caroline.

    3 days to go. i have no doubt you'll do it!


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