11 March 2011

I ♥ Singapore!

This time last week I was enjoying time out in Singapore! This is a montage of pics taken at the beautiful Singapore Botanic Garden. Click to enlarge to see a little more detail!

We also went to the zoo but my camera wasn't playing ball that day so these are a couple of shots of my favourite tiggers from a previous visit .

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

And I forgot to take my camera when we went here. So stupid of me as it was such a spectactular view:( This is the Skypark at Marina Bay Sands. Click on photo if you'd like to read more about this amazing place.

I ♥ Singapore!


  1. Amazing! I made my husband come look at that building. We don't have anything like it here. I love botanical gardens and zoos. I could just sit all day taking in the beauty of nature.

  2. Incredible! And wow, that Skypark is something else. Quite futuristic. I would LOVE to spend an afternoon there.

  3. O-M-G!!!!!!!

    Caroline, the flowers are lovely, but those tigers! I remember them from before but I still gasped when I saw them again. And that skypark!! No way in hell you'd get me up there :)
    You can be vlown off the top by opening an umbrella! And they let babies up there? Yikes.

    I'm such a woosy pants ;D

    You really do get to see some amazing things in life. Wow!


  4. wow! WOW!

    i am terrified of heights but that skypark looks like a flat city. i think i could handle that. the view is amazing.

    i can't imagine white tigers. there is something so totally beautiful about them. you are so lucky to see them, caroline. i don't think that will happen for me in my lifetime, so i thank you for inviting me into your world.

    and last: you are so classy and talente. how did you put that collage of photos together?

    oh, one more thing: how is it going? ♥


  5. Oh my word! Those are just incredible!!

  6. Singapore looks amazing Caroline. Lucky you being in reach of such places. I really like that swan sculpture in the centre of the lake in the photo montage.

  7. I always enjoy popping in and seeing your photographs...don't you owe me a vacation still?

  8. I ♥ Singapore as well!
    Lovely shots of the tigers. Wow they are something. Last time I was in the zoo was more than 10 years ago and I did a night safari there with my brother in law who lived there for 4 years.
    Hope I will be in Singapore soon again.
    Glad you had fun!

  9. Can't believe that amazing building!


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