19 May 2011

My Website

It's been a rather long time since I last posted here, but I haven't been idle! On the contrary, I've been hard at work with the construction of my website! A labour of love started in Hong Kong and shelved many times as I struggled with the coding! Having done a few courses on CSS , XHTML and design, I wanted to do it all by myself - hmm, tall order when you are a novice, but I persevered! So, without further ado I'm delighted to announce that http://www.carolinesoerdesigns.com is now fully operational! I hope you will have time to visit and enjoy browsing through my portfolio! P.S. Whilst I was at it I made a new header for my blog too!


  1. ...very cool! I'll hop over to your new web site now!

  2. i have been thinking about you a lot but something told me not to worry!
    I love the new header, so sweet.

    I'm off to have a look at your new site. Congrats on being stubborn!♥

  3. Just came from your new site...Kudoes on a job very well done! :)♥

  4. I noticed the super sweet new header...love the cuties and I will pop on over to your website and have a look. You must feel really good to have done it all yourself...good for you!

  5. very very fine!

    lo's comment made me laugh. there is something to be said for tenacity!

    i am jealous. i wish i could do what you do.

    but as always i am happy for you.


  6. Wow, Caroline, you're good. The website looks great -- I love the illustration of the moon gazing rabbit you chose for the homepage!

  7. Whoa, Caroline, I'm so impressed! The website looks fantastic, as does your new header. It's easy to navigate and loads quickly, and all the works are gorgeous. Brava!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, Caroline! Your website is awesome. Truly awesome. I love the gallery. and the links are so friendly and fast loading.

  9. I've browsed through your new website and am so impressed. Well done Caroline! Beautiful work!

  10. Wow Caroline!!!!!
    What a beautiful site!
    Easy to navigate and wonderful and it was a pleasure to see all your works of art. A lot I haven't seen yet. Wow you are one amazing talented artist for sure. And you did a great job on your website, a professional couldn't have done it better.
    Only compliments from my side......

    Enjoy and rest now

    Have a wonderful day♥


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