21 August 2011

A few more postcards

Another batch of photos from our UK tour this summer. Herewith greetings from Wales! The West Wales coastline is breathtaking -- it reminded us a lot of Cornwall with its azure sea.

In North Wales we journied up Mt Snowdon in the little steam train. You can see the weather wasn't great when we got to the top - not much of a view! Seagulls get everywhere don't they? This one was on the summit enjoying tourist handouts!


  1. oh my, what a beautiful place! Too bad you had fog at the summit of your hike.

    Yes, gulls are everywhere begging for handouts!


  2. Oh wow so lovely and how different this must be and feel than KL.

    Glad you had such a good time too bad about the weather at Mt. Swowdon , but eh it's the UK........ ;)

    have a nice Sunday♥


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