12 September 2011

Between red and yellow


Between red and yellow lies the colour orange. Now, in the main, I'm not overly fond of this colour  - I'd definitely not choose to wear it, accessorize or paint my walls with it, but I love the flamboyant orange-hued tropical flowers I see around me here in Malaysia!

 Whilst out walking on Friday, I found a sizzling selection of blooms in this colour range.

How about these?  Three stunning Spathodea campanulata blooms from the Flame of the Forest, or African Tulip Tree.  I found a mass of these glowing like embers beneath the tree. 

This amazing spidery bloom is Gloriosa superba otherwise known as Climbing, or Flame Lily.

And finally  a quartet of tropical orange beauties from the archives!

Gorgeous or what?


  1. I'm envious of all those tropical flowers that inspire you Caroline. These are stunning.

  2. I have three favorite colors - orange, red and yellow. I have always loved the bright vibrant hues. These are gorgeous flowers, thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are indeed exquisite- love the empty space around the spidery bright wavy colour! Those are really awesome blossoms. Looks like springtime! We are headed into our dismal reality- very cold this morning.

  4. ah caroline, orange i glad i've stopped by! (hahaha)

    i wouldn't wear orange either, but i do have an office of my own that is kind of a coraly orange. it should be exhausting but it is actually serene and calm.

    are you moving? been thinking of you. i'm always happy to catch up.


  5. No wonder the Chinese are so fond of "Chinese Red". These are beautiful blooms and your paintings look like photographs! Everything looks so much more colorful there.

  6. Another stunning blooms!
    I haven't seen these red and yellow blooms yet in Malaysia.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Love the shadows casted together with the blooms, that really compliment each others!

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