4 November 2011

In my garden this week

Do you recognise this flower?

It's beautiful isn't it?

This is a coconut palm branch and the 'flower' is where the coconut was growing.

Beautiful potted Orchid on the terrace.

Regimented Palms - lovely aren't they?

 But sadly, all is not well with the tall trees:(

Hollow and rotting.  Could it be fungal infection or perhaps white ants (termites)?  I'm waiting for an expert to come and give the verdict, but whatever the problem is, they'll probably have to be removed.  Very sad..

On a more cheerful note, a pot of beautiful Oleander is in full bloom :)


  1. I have never seen palm flowers before. You live in a whole different world than I. It doesn't matter where you tlive if you are going to lose some mature trees. It is always a sad thing. It seems like just when they become so graceful and filling they are attacked by some enemy and have to be removed or the winter storms take them out. Gorgeous orchid and oleander.

  2. Nope, I did not recognize the coconut 'flower' at all. Fascinating. Now that second flower, I recognize. :) Your palms are gorgeous with their alternating heights. I'm so sorry to hear about the infection/infestation. That is very, very sad.

  3. oh be still my gardening heart!

    i looked and looked at that flower, caroline, and had no clue. a coconut!! how cool to see it as a flower!!!

    i have the gift of an orchid mear my kitchen window. i've never had one before and now i know they are easy to keep alive (!), and so individually gorgeous.

    you live in paradise, caroline. except for those sometimes stealin' monkeys :^)


  4. Oh my goodness. So beautiful. Here in New Jersey our snow just melted!

  5. Such beauty everywhere! Is it always green there? I love those palms and I do hope you can save them.
    That coconut "flower" and stem almost looks like it was carved from wood. It is an amazing work of art.

  6. Oh my goodness what utter beauty, makes me feel very jellyass living in a hug sprawling city!

  7. The coconut palm branch is awesome- I love what the coconut has left behind. such rich texture and beautiful colour. COOL!


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