16 December 2011


 I have so many photos from my trip to Siem Reap in Cambodia that it has been really difficult to select a few for the blog - I fear you may be in for temple overload so I'll divide them over a couple of posts!

These magnificent heads are at Bayon Temple.  You can see how large they are by comparing the size of the monk in his orange robes above.

Smiles all round!

This is Angkor Wat 

All around the temple are beautiful carvings.  These dancers (Apsaras) are so well preserved. 

The real thing!

More wonderful carvings that tell stories of ancient battles,

as well as depicting scenes from daily life ( one for the pot!),

animals and buddhas

and ferocious creatures!

So many variations in colour in the stone work.

Views of rural life.

Colour all around.

King Batman and his Tuk Tuk - a popular way to get around town.

Some of the lovely artifacts at the hotel.

See you later!


  1. OH MY!!! Beauty overload! First shot made me gasp and then I gasped all the way until I could gasp no more- I simply passed out!
    How lucky for you to go on such a trip!

  2. These are epic shots. I wonder if they will find their way into your art?

  3. So beautiful! I would love to go to Cambodia someday. My! The places you have been!!! Have a Merry Christmas, Caroline. Tsup!

  4. I've been scrolling back through your Cambodia posts and there are so many beautiful images. I loved looking up through the roof of the temple at the towering tree above..... and the lotus blooms ... so exquisite!


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