10 February 2012

Port Dickson

We drove down to Port Dickson last weekend - it's only an hour's drive.  We stayed at a hotel by this lovely long beach!

Hotel balconies made an interesting shot!

Enjoyed beachcombing.


Love this purple seaweed!

Poolside for over 18's - nice and quiet!  Playing with my camera - focusing on the oranges and reds.

Lovely gardens

 Palm trees laden with coconuts.

Focusing on the yellow of the coconuts,  fading the other colours.

Tropical pretties.

We walked up a really steep hill to reach Cape Rachado Lighthouse.

 The view from the top.

 Some of the lovely Trochus shells I found.

A gorgeous sunset at the end of the day - perfect view with a glass of wine in hand!  Have a good weekend!


  1. I love the photos in this article--particularly the 4 panel with the kelp and the close up of the coconuts. The photo of the wavy architecture is also very appealing. I was looking for photos of Delftware for my Pinterest boards (how geeky, eh?) and I stumbled onto your site. I love your photography. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. The photos are beautiful as well as the scenery. I love to beach comb - it looks so peaceful.

  3. These are beautiful photos Caroline. I'm jealous - it's snowing here!

  4. Wowowow, those shells are amazing! And who knew seaweed came in so many delicious colors. Gorgeous photos!

    Can you play with the colors right on your camera??? So neat!

  5. wow - what amazing pics. the grey and red picture stumped me at first, didn't know one could do that, it's quite amazing looking.

    everything looks lovely and peaceful

  6. WOWWOWWOW!!!!

    caroline, that poolside shot with the red umbrellas is just fantastic. how did you do that, that is not done in picasa, right?

    this area is just beautiful. your love of textures is so obvious here, in the shells and seaweed and the lines of the building. an hour away? oh my. i hope you get back soon.

    and those shells are abundant?

    i love you, caroline!!!

  7. OH, BIIIG SIGH! I am SO envious! How lovely it would be to vacation there. Makes me want to hop on the next plane out.
    That's really neat how you tweaked the color in your photos. I'm not that savvy. Don't think I know how to do that, but they made for interesting photos.

  8. wow, abundance of beauty everywhere!

    The trochus shells almost look knitted, don't they?

    Thanks for the stroll in Paradise.


  9. I've said it before, but you are SOOO lucky to live in such an enchanted area! Those seashells are amazing...they'd make great drawings!!

  10. THANK YOU! Fabulous I feel like I have actually been somewhere and there was...SUNSHINE!! WOW! Lovely! XXXOOOO

  11. Really nice photos Caroline, especially like the beach combing ones


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