14 March 2009

Homing Instinct

Look what landed in my mail box today!! A Pigeon! This beautiful hand painted envelope was sent to me by the very talented Laurel Gaylord. When Laurel made this for Illustration Friday's 'Instinct' theme she decided to have a 'give away' draw on her blog and pulled my name out of the hat! Thanks so much Laurel, you are so very talented and generous and I am honoured to have been lucky enough to win this beautiful piece of art. Homing Instinct Pigeon has taken up residence in my studio here in KL and feels right at home. He is keeping a wary eye on the cat!


  1. Hurray, he got there! I'm so glad you like him and your cards.

    Now I'm off to comment on your beaitiful batiks!


  2. Caroline, did you know that Laurel is one of my very good friends. I love her to bits and she is such an amazing artis. You lucky duck. I think I tried to win that pigeon.


  3. OOOOOH! Lucky you!!!...Laurel's work is outstanding...I just received an gorgeous cactus card from her...Isn't "snail mail" the absolute best!!!??? :)


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