2 April 2009

Singapore revisited

Here we are in Singapore circa 1986!! I'm showing this family photo (check out my dodgy perm!) as we've just been back for a visit. We met up with our daughter Louisa (right) who was there on holiday from Dubai with her partner Matt. We spent a day at Singapore zoo which was where this photo was taken. Lou fondly remembered that day as we were allowed to cuddle the lion cubs! She was rather hoping that we'd be able to do the same this time round!
No such luck - look who's all grown up now!!

We all agreed that the White Tigers stole the show this time. Aren't they magnificent?

Love these striped pyjamas!

And this majestic tree.

What a beauty!

We paid a visit to the famous Raffles Hotel for a refreshing Singapore Sling! The hotel has been revamped since we were there 20 years ago, but the Slings were just the same!



Did a bit of shopping - found a large art store and a huge book shop, so I was happy for a few hours!! We also found the very cool Chocolate Research Facility - great name, don't you think?

Just look at all those drawers full of chocolate!

We did some research of our own of course - the Cardamon and Almond was my favourite, I think - there were just so many delicious flavours to choose from! Take a look at their website here and you'll see why I couldn't make up my mind.


  1. Caroline I love this post.

    Your daughter is beautiful, but I had no doubt about that after all look at her Mama.

    The white tigers, oh my God.

    How lovely, thank you so much for this post, it took me out of this house for five minutes.

    Caroline, don't feel too gullible, everyone fell for it and you guys should have, it was my april fools joke to all of you.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  2. What beautiful photos Caroline!

    I love the family picture and your daughter is lovely!

    BTW... I had that same perm back then... hee hee!

  3. I love the dragonfly Caroline and the flowers look like they come from another planet.


  4. wow wow wow wow wow and more wow! what entertainment from you today! thanks!!

  5. OOOOOH MY! What a splendid time I just had viewing these exotic photos!!! OMG...the dragonfly stopped me in my tracks...as well as the white tigers...Exquisite and delightful! What beautiful family memories from throughout all the years!

  6. OH! Caroline! how wonderfulyour pictures are!! you have a great eye!
    I love the big tree, and the white tiggers are amazing! , haha, and the puppies of lyon time ago, thank you for show us those beautiful souvenirs and family meeting :-))

  7. Caroline I am so happy that you think that about my posts. I was so interested to hear about a poem being written.

    That is just one of the things that is so awesome about life, you can just keep looking further and further and further.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. Fantastic photos! And you just don't look old enough to have a daughter this age!

  9. I needed a little armchair travel..Thank You...Great post!
    Beautiful family!

  10. Ooooooooh, Caroline!!! I've never been to Singapore, but it looks like a bit of heaven! Those are gorgeous photographs. And the zebra 'tocks made me laugh! Your daughter is sooo very beautiful (I'm with Shani here. I was surprised that you had a grown daughter!). Chocolate research?!!! Now THAT's the kind of research I could devote my whole life to. Thank you so much for whisking me away.

  11. Hi Caroline, loved your post. It was really great to see all your amazing pics. It was really nice to see your family pic and beautiful pic of your daughter. It also reminded me the last time I visited Singapour and the infamous singapour sling at the raffles. It is a wonderful city. have a great day, Lisa

  12. Love the photos Caroline. As you say those white tigers are amazing. So sad that there are so few of them left in the wild. I always like to see a zebra's back view. The design is so perfect...ha ha. As for that choco facility - well...!!!

  13. Can't believe all those drawers of chocolate...floor to ceiling....oh boy I would love to wallow there a while.

  14. Wooow!!! All the photos are fantastic!! Thanks!

  15. I saw some of your older post, and you did Batik...and you've been to Malaysia!!! ^^ That's so cool!
    I'm a Malaysian by the way, "Apa khabar?"
    And I love your arts!

  16. What an amazing time! You are a really good photographer! Neato to see the then and now as well :) Does your daughter like Dubai? it sounds very exotic to me... Your daughter is so darling, a beautiful family!

  17. I love the animals but the chocolates were my favorites. It's nice to reminisce. Carolyn, if you have a moment, I gave you the Renee Award. Thank you.

  18. Caroline I think your daughter probably does look like her Dad because I don't think from the picture that she looks like you. But you know in life when you have all the mannerisms added. Makes a big difference.

    Caroline I don't know the artist. Now if I know the artist I put it on the bottom, but I don't know this person.


    Love Renee

  19. Oh my, it's been too long between visits!! What stunning photos, my goodness. Wow a million times!
    The tigers left me breathless. I so resonate with cats of all kinds. And the lion...I'm a Leo after all!

    This was a wonderful trip to Singapore through your eyes. Thank you!

  20. Caroline thank you for that wonderful comment on my blog.

    I am sorry to hear that there is so much illness around the family. It is very difficult.

    I know that you have the kind of heart that listens and will understand.

    Love Renee xoxo


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