21 November 2009

New Kits on the block



I've been wanting to show you my new kitties for a while now, so without further ado, please meet Charlie and Bob. Both were adopted from the local vet - we only went for one, but couldn't leave the other behind all alone... Poor Bob, he only has one eye and we think he may have been treated badly in the past as he is taking his time trusting us. Despite the lack of an eye he really is a quite a handsome furry fellow with bent and fluffy tail - he is greedy too and polishes off every scrap, including Charlie's rations! Charlie is much leaner (no wonder!) and is also very handsome - he's a ginger panther! He is very loving and relishes a comfy lap!

HRH Tia, ( ' Oh, Black and White One') is not amused by their arrival on the scene and till recently has been avoiding them as much as possible, taking her meals alone, by room service in the spare bedroom!

Bob is intrigued by Tia, follows her around the garden and dearly wants to be friends!

Tia, on the other hand has no time for young whippersnappers and sticks her tongue out!

Well, raspberries to you too then!

And back! I win!


  1. I'm smiling at the strategically placed plants and I'm sure Bob appreciates your thoughtfulness. Lovely kitties, all of them!

  2. Ah...... what an adorable post!
    What lovely kittens you have taken in, they are both beautiful
    Hope Tia will become friends with them soon!

  3. Thank you for taking Bob too, Caroline. Delightful post - lovely Kits.

  4. caroline, there is nothing i like better than to see shelter animals in good homes. i think they know how lucky they now are and repay with their gratitude.

    bob and charlie are very handsome. i feel for tia: i hope there is ample room in the jungle for everyone. i hope bob manages to charm tia.

    you are a doll, caroline. more and more i am so glad to know you.


  5. What a wonderful collection of Kitties. I hope they all learn to get along. Ilove the photos of the cats playing peek a boo in the garden...and those cute little pink tongues.

  6. Oh they are beautiful Caroline. I've often thought that I'd like to be a cat in a good home.

  7. Oh this warms my heart! I have always adored Tia, now there are 2 more to love. I know they'll all work it out.

    Bob missing an eye and also having a bent/bobbed tail makes me wonder if cruelty was involved. No wonder he has trust issues.
    I had an orange and white cat named Bob who looked wuite a bit like him.

    Charlie is a panther indeed!

    Caroline, your photography should win awards ;)

  8. Aww, Caroline, these are cuties, for sure. So kind of you to take in two more. My cats never go outside, so two in the house is a bit of a handful.(not to mention a lot of hair!) They look like they will all live together peacefully in time.

  9. Oh, how sweet! Bob and Charlie are beautiful, and you are right about Charlie being a little panther! Gorgeous!!! I hope Tia girl adjusts to them soon. :-)

  10. Oh how wonderful, I love all of your cats. I hope Tia makes friends with the new arrivals, it took our cats a while to accept Buster, but they're all fine now.

  11. I have been dying to see the kitties Caroline. They are so gorgeous. I am very glad you got Bob as well. If he has had a bad start to life he deserves a loving home. I am sure Tia will start to come around when she gets used to having two handsome lads around the place...lol.


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