3 March 2010

Macau and Hong Kong

I started this post about our trip to Australia in December, weeks ago! Better late than never, I guess!

I'm starting with some photos of Macau which was our first port of call en route to Sydney at Christmas. We just overnighted here so didn't get a chance to take photos before travelling on to Hong Kong. However, I'm posting some pics I took a couple of years ago when we visited whilst living in Hong Kong. Macau has been undergoing a building boom, with new Casinos and hotels being constructed at a rate of knots - there are some amazing buildings - I had some fun with the reflections!

Macau - Reflections

We took the ferry over to Hong Kong where the skyline is one of the best in the world!

View across to the Hong Kong Harbour from the Peak (good visibility - rare these days!)

More amazing buildings!

I love the colourful markets - always something to snap!

Beads galore!

Pharmacy window

Pretty lanterns

I couldn't resist popping in these two colourful heads from dragonboats - I took these photos on Hong Kong's outlying islands where we used to have wonderful days out hiking.

A finally a beautiful lotus flower.

I'll post photos from Australia next time.


  1. What a colorful place. Those buildings are works of art.

  2. I love those dragon heads on the bows of the boats. Would you mind if I attempted to paint from them sometime? Not promising anytime soon, they are just so colorful that they make me want to grab my paints.

  3. Oooh those reflections - I'd love to do a doodle of the triangular one! All that travelling Caroline - is there anywhere you haven't been?

  4. how did i miss this amazing post?!

    caroline, i had no idea hong kong had this massive skyline. wow. i love all the buildings and reflections but my very favorite is the pharmacy window.

    one day i shall be there. this part of the world is high on my list.

    good good good to have you back. tsup!


  5. These photos are stunningly gorgeous! What a beautiful city. How fun it must be to visit here.

  6. See HUGE FONT WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. How I wished i were there.
    Thanks Caroline, I really love all these cool images.
    Look like, you have fun and busy time taking photos:)

  8. Beautiful pics!
    Just lovely!
    Thanks for showing!


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