7 June 2010

Back again!

I've been travelling!

I've just spent two weeks in Dubai, where I had a wonderful time staying with my daughter Louisa!

Louisa is getting married to her partner Matt in November this year and the purpose of my visit was to get down to the very serious business of wedding shopping with her and to discuss the myriad of details that go into organising this special event. We visited bridal boutiques and viewed the venues. We discussed colour schemes and table decorations, flowers, bridesmaids' dresses, hair and makeup, invitations, menus and cakes and much more!

You may have gathered that the wedding will have a beach theme! Dubai will be perfect with its white sandy beaches and lovely weather at that time of the year. The wedding ceremony will take in the Marina Garden at this fabulous location

Burj Al Arab Hotel - (designed to resemble a billowing sail)

and will be followed by a reception at the nearby Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel - (designed as a breaking wave)

Villa Beach Restaurant
all photos Jumeirah Hotels

So, the venues are sorted, the colour scheme chosen and 'the' dress has been ordered! Lots of details have been decided but there's still lot to do - thankfully, there's still 5 months to go! I did manage to buy my dress too - just the small matter of losing a few pounds so that it fits less snugly!!

Whilst over in Dubai I also managed to spend a few days catching up with my talented artist friend Judy Roberts. Judy paints in oils and acrylics, she etches and creates digital images, is a whizz with coloured pencils and a camera and as if that's not enough, she's a crafter extraodinaire! This wonderful image of a falcon of hers is one of my favourites.

Falcon ©Judy Roberts

And isn't this Saluki gorgeous?

Saluki ©Judy Roberts

You can view more of Judy's work here and over at 2RGalleries, the site she shares with her equally talented husband, Colin, who as well as expertly carving sandstone also makes super woodens items. These include coasters, walking sticks, bottle stoppers and handy little handbag/purse hangers (to keep your bag safe at the table when in a restaurant or bar!) featuring special coins and United States military emblems (see below).

Handmade Bottle Stopper featuring old coin ©Colin Roberts

Handbag holders featuring US military emblems ©Colin Roberts

Together Judy and Colin run an original gifts company with many of the items handmade by the pair - be sure to pay them a visit at 2RGalleries!

P.S. I lost my camera in Dubai :( so unfortunately have none of my own photos to share this time.


  1. OOOOOOH MY! I can hear your heart singing clear across the oceans to my little corner of the world!What a fabulous five months ahead of you. :) Enjoy every splendid moment to the maximum possible...they melt away all too quickly! What a splendid venue!

  2. Loved all the photos Caroline. Your daughter is lovely and the wedding pictures are very inspirational. The venues are magnificent. I have seen pictures of the hotel on the little island before. It is very famous. Good luck to you both with all the preparations to come. A very exciting time. Sorry to hear of the camera loss though.

  3. jaw dropping gorgeous!! The setting, the colors, the bride to be! You'll look stunning in that turquoisy-blue-green scheme ;)

    I hope you didn't have too many precious photos on your camera, and I also hope it comes back to you somehow.

    These 5 months will whiz past!


  4. O M G!!! How breathtakinly beautiful your daughter is! You must be so proud. And the location for her wedding is simply stunning. What a memorable day that will be.
    That is a beautiful painting of the Saluki and your friend's handbag holders are very polished.
    So nice.

  5. What fun you are going to have helping to plan the wedding. These photos are great. Too bad you lost your camera. Good to see you back again. Your friends art is terrific.

  6. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! And the hotels are awesome! What a fun planning this will be. So sorry you lost your camera! Bummer. Lovely art here too.

  7. How absolutely exciting, Caroline! What a beautiful daughter and wonderful setting for her big day. I'm sure the dress, your dress, all of the details will be exquisite. I hope that she enjoys every single moment of this..the planning through the whole big day and beyond. Congratulations to your whole family! And thank you for introducing us to your friends wonderful work...such amazing pieces. Glad you are home and well!

  8. Hello Caroline.
    I am so glad that you are back safely!
    Wow! I am so in love with the pictures you shared here.
    I must say you are a professional photographer. Love the gorgeous close up of your darling daugther to the magnificent scene of Dubai!

    I thought I am there in Dubai!

    A trip to assist your daugther planning her great event.
    The choice of colours and etc are so great.
    I am sure you will be busy again for her later in Nov. That's a mother is for. You remind me of my mum. You are a kind and thoughtful mum.

    Take care and I hope you have some restful days before you return to your creating mode. I am looking forward your next entries.
    It's has been so long for me....

    Bye Caroline!

  9. You must be so proud to have such beautiful daughters Caroline. The turquoise theme is stunning - just right. Almost makes me want to go and get married!

  10. What a wonderful trip that must have been!
    While you were there I was near you in Singapore ;)
    So much to organize for a wedding. Nice you are included in that.
    And you saw a friend. Love her art and indeed that falcon is special and for me a symbol of Dubai and the Emirates.
    Good you have returned safely.

    Enjoy the memories!

  11. how exciting!! congratulations to your gorgeous daughter... and you too! i hear dubai is a fabulous place, and from these pictures i can see why!

  12. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Ridiculously wonderful news!!!! Can you see me jumping up and down??? Oh, Caroline, your daughter is stunning. She will be a show-stopper of a bride. And the setting is paradise! I'm so excited for you!

    Love that first camel photo. Don't they look like strange prehistoric creature with spikes on their backs?

    And thank you for introducing us to Judy. Talented doesn't even BEGIN to describe her and her work! Gorgeous!

    How's your toothache? Better I hope. :)

  13. Oh wow what a beautiful pics. And congrats on the announcment of your daugther's wedding. she is so beautiful your daughter, a stunning bride, mom to be and wedding. So exciting! Enjoy every moment!


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