9 June 2010

Gifts in the post

Bird Lady ©Cathy Connolley

I've had some lovely things dropping in my mailbox lately !

Cathy of One Pink Goose recently had a giveaway and I was a very lucky winner of her print of 'Bird Lady'! Thanks so much Cathy - she's lovely! I've been reading Cathy's blog for a while now and look forward to her posts where she shares her own and other artists' work each week. If you haven't already visited her, do pop over to her blog and visit her website which is a treat too - I love Cathy's stylised black and white drawings .

cards by Laurel Gaylord

I've been pampered by the wonderfully caring Laurel of Studio Lolo! She sent me lots of goodies - Poppy napkins -because she knows how much I love those flowers - and a set of her beautiful cards - my favourite is the Magpie! Multi-talented Laurel has these available in her shop here!

Many of you will have met Yoon See of Greener Pastures in Malaysia - she's such a thoughtful person! She very kindly sent me a package of goodies of prints of her colourful art work and two cute little kitties she made herself, to cheer me up after my recent operation. Thank you very much Yoon See - the kitties and you are very sweet!

♥Thank you very much Ladies ♥


  1. What fun items to come to you Caroline. I hope you are fully recovered. Ready for the big wedding.

  2. I love Cathy's website and I adore Yoon See!

    I hope you have written on every card by now ;) I'm so glad you like them. And the napkins were meant to be sent to you!

    My goodness, five months will be here in a flash. So much to do for the wedding!

    Nice to see you Caroline ;)


  3. aww, isn't it all so great?

    you are lovingly tucked into my house, caroline. i can't help but think of you everyday!


  4. So much love, traveling over air and see to land in your mailbox. These are absolutely beautiful and heart warming. Wow!


  5. Glad to see you have lots of lovely things in the post Caroline. We all love your blog too and your wonderful talent for creativity.

  6. Sorry to drop by late Caroline.
    I am so happy you feel better after the operation. Remember, it takes time to heal!

    Wow! So much goodies flooding you Caroline. You are so loved and respected by friends. I know you really enjoy all these gifts.



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