11 June 2010

Return of the wanderer

Tia decided to pack her bags and leave home for a 'holiday' two weeks ago. She's had us all really worried - especially since Charlie Cat did a runner never to return. So, we've had the whole neighbourhood on Tia alert ! We posted notices on lampposts and delivered over 150 flyers to mailboxes! There followed sightings of 'Tia' all over the place, and we now know there are several similar black and white cats in the area! She had been seen near the field, along this road and down that lane, then two guys from the school showed up clutching a tiny frightened kitten on their motorbike and staff at the nearby restaurant were convinced they had her too - in fact, they had two cats for us to choose from! Then finally, on Wednesday, a neighbour thought she saw her near the jungle several minutes walk from here and we were all on the case - monkeys included!

We called and called morning and late afternoon in the pouring rain - to no avail,

but then.... after dinner that evening, during a heavy downpour, a bedraggled Tia finally made it home! Soaked to the skin and looking very thin, there she really was at the door! Dried off and with a full tummy she settled down to a long, long sleep!

Poor mite - she slept for nearly two days!

I'm happy to say that she is settling back in well to her role as studio cat again, thoroughly enjoying being pampered and making the most of her home comforts after her big adventure!
All's well that ends well!


  1. oh the little cutie! i'm glad she's made her way home..she's so adorable!

    i've seen your post about your post in Dubai..fantastic!! it will a dreamlike wedding!!

  2. So glad she's home—not much worst than worrying about the four-footed folks that share our world and then go on a walk-about without giving notice!

  3. Hi, awww a very frightening and upsetting event for you that turned out just perfect! I'm so happy that Tia's back to being her studio kitty that she is! Poor lil cutie must have been so scared without you!
    I have 3 kitties, one that looks just like your Tia to! Also I have 3 furry ones. I would be in a total panic if any one of them would get out, gosh, I would be beside myself until they returned back home again. If you want to look at their pictures I have them on the right hand-side of my blog if you scroll down a bit.
    I'm so glad that she's back home again! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Wouldn't you love to know where she went. Also why she went away. I wonder if she was lured someplace and then got lost. We will never know I guess. She is a beautiful cat and she looks happy as can be lieing there in your studio.

  5. The power of the collective.. that had to be what drew her back. Oh i'm so glad she returned...

  6. Oh I am so glad she returned!
    To miss 2 cats in such a short time is heartbreaking.

    To bad you had no camera tied to her....... Don't you want to know what she has been doing?????

    well she is back ready to inspire you for beautiful things . Oh that last picture sure does it! What a beauty !

    have a nice weekend!

  7. I didn't realise Tia had left home too....what a relief that she has returned safe and sound.

  8. It's great to hear that Tia is safe, back home! Poor cutie, sleeping two days - she must have been exhausted.

  9. Phew, what a relief Caroline. Love your new look!

  10. Oh my GOODNESS! Tia, hope she has learned much from her weary travels and she is so glad to be back she will never again stray out into the monkey kingdom. I LOVE that she has returned!

  11. So pleased she found her way home Caroline. I wonder what adventures she's been on.

  12. Awwwwwwwwww!!! Whew! So glad she is safe back at home. I can imagine the worry and heartache you must have felt. Poor thing. She sure looks happy to be back home though. Probably was out searching for Charlie....

  13. oh my, I gasped when I read this! Tia, missing???? You must have been beside yourself.
    Did she leave while you were in Dubai?
    I find it amazing that your kitties wander about with the monkeys! Here, my kitty would never survive the traffic...sad.
    She's happy indoors though.

    I'm so so so glad she made it home!
    xo ~L~

  14. OH MY GOSH! So happy to hear that beautiful little Tia is home. Oh my gosh I just love this little cat. I hope Tia stays put and just is the happy studio cat again! You must be so relieved.

  15. I am glad to hear her return.
    God is guiding her back.
    Your great effort never watsted Caroline.
    Rest well kitty!

  16. Thank you for saying Hello on my blog and for your lovely comment. Its great to visit here because its a whole new set of people. I only know one of your commenters . It really amazes me how many blogs and readers there are out there. Your work is lovely. I particularly like the hermit crab piece in the next post.
    I chose this post to leave my comment because we had the same thing with our beloved cat..a two week disappearance and then a welcome return.

  17. Though a bit late to say this, but I really happy that you got your Tia back! Female cat normally don't go far, luckily she know her way back, you must now double pamper her, ^.^


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