29 July 2010

Illustration Friday

©Caroline Soer 2010

Caught red handed in the old cookie tin - a family of mice enjoying a feast of double chocolate chip cookies!

My submission for this week's Illustration Friday - 'Double''. I used watercolour pencil, gouache and ink for this one.

Seems to me someone didn't put the lid back properly, did they? An open invitation to the little mousies, who've just been disturbed mid-munch! If you would like to get a closer look at their expressions, click the image, then click again.


  1. Just look at those expressions, it seems to bee that they are caught in there nibbling act! :)

    Great illustration!

  2. OOPS... Caught in the act with fat little belly's having consummed to much cheese already. Adorable.

  3. uh-oh!! Lots of tummy-aches here!

    Very sweet illo Caroline. I have a feeling it's not far from the truth!


  4. It appears that they are in double trouble too. Such expressive faces.

  5. Hey Caroline! I love the one with a mouthful, even his cheek is filled! Nice one!

  6. Such innocent little expressions...Sweet little post! :)

  7. Oh how lucky! So endearing no body would shoo them out of the cookie tin! Besides they poo while they eat- I know this about them having befriended many...So, the cookies are all theirs now! Great illustration! Wonderful as always!

  8. ha ha ha very cute! That would make a great cover for a tin!

  9. Love the new look! And all your hard work! Wishing you the best and may all your dreams come true.

  10. Oh no no, these mice are so so cute, a little naugthy yeah!

    Love the close up details...I hope to be the mouse but I don't want to be caught...

    Acyually I caught two mice one day after another, I will show in my blog soon!

  11. They are indeed great expressions! This is a really fun picture. I really like the colors and textures as well....


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