31 July 2010

Gifts in the post

I want to show you what I've received in the post recently! The cutest tuxedo cat card from Laurel with kind words for me and sage advice for Tia the cat after that little minx returned from her recent extended walkabout! The card even came with a matching detatchable bookmark ! I really love that envelope too - so prettily decorated. See that magpie postage stamp? It's from one of Laurel's original paintings! Thanks so much Laurel, you always find perfect things to send!

all artwork copyright Nicky Linzey

I am so lucky! Just when I needed cheering up having undergone some dental surgery last week, a package arrived from afar! As soon as I saw the postmark on the front of the envelope I knew it would be from Nicky! I'd been expecting this one for quite a while and it was definitely worth the wait - just look at what was inside....

artwork©Nicky Linzey

This is the illustration Nicky created created for Ripple . I was so happy to purchase it and will be having it framed to hang in my studio! The colours are so beautiful, don't you agree?

Poppies card©Nicky Linzey

She sent me this stunning poppy card too - love poppies!

handmade book ©Nicky Linzey

And as if that isn't enough... a wonderful little handmade book containing prints of Nicky's illustrations inspired by her visits to the beautiful Devon coast.

all artwork ©Nicky Linzey

Can you hear the waves and smell that sea air? This little book transports you to the coast, doesn't it? Thanks so much Nicky, I'll treasure it all.

If you've not yet met my talented blogfriends Nicky or Laurel where have you been? Do pop in to say hi - I guarantee you'll enjoy your visit!


  1. beautiful wonderful art and like your new header too! those cats eyes are unbelievable. Lovely poppies yes. Is this paint or collaged papers I wonder?

  2. Wow you have also been spoiled Caroline!
    I thought the card was Tia!
    Hope she doesn't wonder off anymore....
    Dental surgery......poor you ! Hope the ordeal is behind you and the pain is over.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Marvelous treat that came in the post. You are very blessed. I hope you are feeling better too.

  4. Dental surgery!! To me that's worse than the other big one :-{
    I'm glad you had some mail to cheer you up!

    I adore Nicky's work. She's the queen of patterns! That handmade book is a real treasure.

    I'm glad you like the "Tia" card, that little stinker! So glad too, that she's sticking close to home.


  5. Sorry to be late here Caroline.

    Wow! You are indeed so so lucky, both the super talented Lolo and Nicky's paintings are gems, real geams to cheer you and every one up!

    I can sing and dance with you if we are there. I can feel how happy and overjoy when you receive beautiful works from very very dear friends.

    Yoon See

  6. They are priceless, too marvellous!

  7. How original, that book! You truly are lucky. So wonderful that they arrived when you were feeling down. These are great treasures and I do hope you are feeling better from your surgery.

  8. You're very welcome Caroline. It's mutual admiration as I love Laurel's work too.
    Working from home as I do, it feels good to be part of a blogging community - you are a great e-friend and I love coming here to visit!

  9. That is a wonderful surprise in the post. Nicky's art is great!

  10. ...beautiful, creative...with such a free feeling. I love this kind of art.

  11. p.s. Hope you're feeling better. Dental surgery is no fun!

  12. Just catching up a bit here but I cannot do to much as my jaw is agape over these beautiful art treasures...OOOOOOOH MY!!!!!!!!! LOL :)
    Such talent and imagination in this world...what fun to have these treasures in real like...Gorgeous!


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