17 October 2010

Sunday breakfast in the garden

Couldn't resist sharing a few photos of this morning's breakfast! The sun's shining and we're in the garden enjoying sunny poached eggs on toasted rye bread, accompanied by grilled tomato topped with sesame seeds.

And to follow....

Bring on the fruit! From left to right, Rambutan, Buah Nona (Sugar Apple or Custard Apple), Chiku or Sapodilla (top right - looks like a potato!), Longan and Dukong (larger of the two).

This is what they look like when peeled. Clockwise from the top Custard Apple - sweet, you gotta suck the flesh from the seeds (too many of those!). Longan - delicious, tastes like, but is better than Lychee. Dukong - yummy, sweet, fresh, - a bit grapefruity, even - (do not eat those seeds - sooo bitter!) Rambutan - sweet, again a bit lychee like.

Here are the seeds.

Potted up - let's see what happens!



    You have in the fruit bowl, three of my favorite fruits: rambutan, atis and chico. (These are their Filipino names)

    Oh Caroline! Caroline! You make me long for my birthplace.


    Be careful with the chico. It is sweet but known to have unaphrodisiac effects. That is why they are always planted around convents and monasteries. I don't care, really. The chico is my favorite fruit. I drew it in colored pencil here.

  2. sigh.......

    do you see me in your garden, caroline? i'm waving at you, glad to know you, keeping my hot biscuits warm to add to this INCREDIBLE feast.

    i don't know ANY of these fruits and i am fascinated with every aspect of them: beyond the taste, the colors, the textures, the in and outs!

    and....grilled tomatoes are my favorites. i've never put sesame seeds on them and now you betcha i will.

    have a good good day in every way.


  3. I'll come to breakfast at your house any time! Hehe!
    Delightful Caroline!

  4. oh wow, yum, gorgeous, exotic and
    fantastic to see. each one is art in and of itself!

  5. Strange fruit, strange and very artsy...I do recognize the cackle berry however and would love to have that for breakfast!

  6. Holy tamale! Okay, the tomato and egg I do recognize. Everything else is brand new to me. Exotic! And so colorful, too. Wow, I would love to have a taste.

    ug, licking the screen does not work, trust me.

  7. I don't know any of these fruits either, but your photographs makes everything look amazing, Caroline!

  8. Oh my, what interesting fruits!! They're just so "artsy" looking!

    It's always so much fun to see how the other half lives ;)


  9. Looks like the perfect start of a day!
    Yummy fruits!
    Hope the seeds will turn into plants. I guess everything grows there....

    Have a nice week dear!

  10. What unusuall looking fruit. I can't imagine how they taste. Your entire breakfast looks quite yummy sitting there on your Portmerion china. I have the same china. I bet that fruit will grow for you. You live in another world. It seems like magic.

  11. Hello Caroline1 What a fun post you share to us. Love the colours and textures of the fruits and seeds.
    I will be back to see the seeds grow and turn into some candid plants

  12. I have never even heard of a rambutan. How fascinating!

  13. That breakfast makes me sad...because it is not in my belly...

  14. Your breakfast looks tasty, and so are the fruits.

  15. Such unusual fruit....Sounds delicious. I love lychees so ....I'm salivating :-)

  16. Wow, what interesting and colorful looking fruit! That breakfast looks like it was made for me! May I join you? Hope your seeds grow big and strong.


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