15 October 2010

Illustration Friday

watercolour ©Caroline Soer 2010

Transportation is this week's Illustraton Friday theme. In this watercolour pencil and ink piece, the wind is whisking the little mouse with his parasol up into the air and his friends try to rescue him! The image is a little small, but if you click and then click again you'll get a better view.

I thought I'd add a few photos - below are some local means of transportation.

Malaccan trishaw

Hong Kong Rickshaw

Singaporean Ox cart

Doggie stroller - Hong Kong!


  1. What a wonderful IF with the mice...love it. How cute the dogs being transported in the coach...

  2. What a delightful post!!!
    First of all those mice with that cocktail umbrella!!!!!! SO CUTE.....sigh.
    And love to see those pictures
    You are a handsome couple and love those 2 cute little doggies in the stroller.

    Have a nice day Caroline hope my next will be longer so we can meet, that would be fun.

  3. The facial expressions on these mice are so cute. Such fine details Caroline. I have to giggle at the doggie stroller. Only in Asia. Hahahahah!

  4. This illustration is so sweet. I like to see mice, in sketches. What interesting vehicles of transportation you have seen and used. Such a different world than I am used to.

  5. Caroline, that is a MOST adorable illustration! I love it.

    Emma thinks those dogs should get out and walk ;P

    I love seeing you and hubby :)♥

  6. Lovely illustration. I am a huge fan of the pen/ink & watercolor style. It is one I am trying to master. You do it so well.

  7. Oh Caroline- wonderful illustration! Also your photos are curious and lovely-Things with wheels- glad they got invented!

  8. the mice are adorable...
    fun to see all the different modes of transport too!!!

  9. you know, caroline, i come here with every new post you do and i am so excited and you never disappoint.

    but i am also always frustrated that you are so far away....

    i wonder if the wind lifted my parasol up like that if i might fly over your garden? :)


  10. Beautiful illustrations Caroline and such lovely photos. I really enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing and thank you for visiting my blogs recently and leaving lovely comments on mine too :o)


  11. oh how wonderful!!!! I love this!!!

  12. WAAAAAA!!! Oooh, I clicked for bigger and then BIGGER and wanted it BIIIIGER still!!! Wonderful, wonderful. They are adorable with little curlies in their whiskers. I would love to whisked away by parasol. And how fun to ride that trishaw. Love the scrolls in the metalwork.

    OH! I noticed that your initials are CES! :D

  13. Don't know how I missed this Caroline. Lovely - when you click it big you can see all their wonderful expressions!

  14. What a delightful, light, joyous mousie illustration!


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