1 February 2011

Today in my studio

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I thought I'd let you have a peek inside my studio today! Clockwise from the top, resting on top of a sketchbook. a beautiful Golden Chalice flower from my garden. You can click here to see another post with more photos I took of some of these exotic blooms. Then there's my fab new sewing machine! My beloved 27 year old Elna machine went on strike a couple of weeks back and was sadly deemed too elderly to fix. That was rather bad timing considering I had just decided to take up my textiles course again :( Well, now I have a new Brother and it's a wizard - threads its own needle even!! Next pic, more of those sunny yellow blooms in a vase - not only are they stunning to look at, they also have a divine perfume! And lastly, a corner with a super new wall hanging, meticulously hand quilted for me by a very dear friend who recently came to stay - thank you, Irene - doesn't it look good here?


  1. I love seeing other art studios....they always look neater than mine! Do you clean up BEFORE you take the pic, or are you just naturally neat?

  2. Love the peek, Caroline! It's so bright and sunny looking. Wonderful wallhanging as well!

  3. Lovely pictures. Wow what a beautiful flower. And that hanger and that raven painting . And your workspace looks so tidy!
    Mine only looks like that every once in a while....
    Wish those flowers would grow here. Wrong climate I guess

    have a nice day!

  4. there is nothing better than having a peek into the life of someone who is loved and admired.

    maybe this could be the first of a 20 part series......♥

  5. Your studio looks very inspiring. Such beautiful art and light.

  6. Oh, that IS a lovely wall hanging! And I cannot get over how deep and big those flowers are. I almost want to drink from one! And yay, a new sewing machine! What's that you say? Threads its own needle?! Get out! Wow, technology. The last sewing machine I had was a Singer from the 1970s.

  7. Studio shots, my favorite place to be a voyeur ;)

    The wall hanging is lovely, what a wonderful gift. But you know I covet that raven!

    Gorgeous flowers too. They remind me of our Belladonna flowers that hang upside down on the bush. And they can grow to be enormous!

    Thanks for the visit. I'd love to say I'll be right over!♥

  8. A machine that threads its own needle?! Wow I really must be behind the times! Thanks for a lovely glimpse into your studio.xx

  9. Hi Caroline! I'm so pleased you used my desktop calendar! I'm going to make more when I have time...Love your owl prints, absolutely gorgeous :)

  10. I love the brushes! Ooooooohhhhh! Swoon! terrific sewing machine, that's what I need. Oh actually, I need a machine that sews, all I need is to push a button? Is there one? Hahahahaha!


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