14 August 2011

Floral swatches

More flower pics with colour swatches from the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.


  1. There is something very delicious about seeing colours like this. XX

  2. Creation...the perfect place to get color matching right lol...great pics and nice pulling of colors...

  3. Nice color swatches! It reminds me of an old argument I used to have with naturalists who wanted projects done in "nature colors". I said you can find every color in nature, but they only wanted beige and green. Oh well, I tried to broaden their horizons :)

  4. Fab colors. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  5. Hello Caroline! Thank you fro dropping by my blog:)

    Sorry for not dropping by for some time. I am picking up my engine again to comment, please bear with me OK.

    I love love how you arrange your beautiful blooming shots alongside with the pastel colour chat.
    It compliments one another and we all need these extra magical touch and feel from a soul blogger like you.

    Happy blooming Tuesday to you dear Caroline!


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