29 August 2011

Last of the summer photos and some recycled illustrations


Gorgeous flowers en masse at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

I've gathered together the last photos from my summer holiday and made some more montages. I decided to accompany these with some sketchbook bits and pieces, some of which I've shown before, but most of which have had something new added for the occasion!

'Sweetpeas' watercolour ©Caroline Soer

Sorry that the quality of this image isn't very good. I wanted to include it as sweetpeas are such lovely frilly flowers! It's taken from a larger watercolour painting behind glass. I painted this many years ago - the flowers were from my Mum's garden ... I can smell that heavenly scent now! I've added a couple of lines from a poem by John Keats and a digital pastel colour detail.

'Tango' watercolour with collage©Caroline Soer

These roses from a beautiful bouquet were quickly rendered in watercolour in my sketchbook. Later, for an Illustration Friday project, I teamed them with a pair of my little folded butterflies. Today I added a coordinating border made from digital colour swatches.

Just feast your eyes on these luscious summer berries! Click if you want more!

Cherries - watercolour ©Caroline Soer

Sometimes paintings just don't go according to plan! This illustration is something salvaged from one such occasion! I decoupaged the image of cherries onto another piece of watercolour paper and added a border digitally from colour swatches.

'Cherry pairs' watercolour ©Caroline Soer

Cherries from a sketchbook I used on holiday in Provence couple of years ago.

Part 2 to follow later!


  1. you PAINTED tango? caroline! i was sure it was either a photo or a collage. boyohboy are you good ♥

    did you do a post on how to do those montages? 9 seem to remember? i love them all, and this one with all the pinks of the universe. i wrote a poem once about those pinks.

    it's always a pleasure to be here.


  2. I would love to see how you make these folded butterflies - they are beautiful. Would you do a step-by-step tutorial? Please?

  3. Beautiful pictures Caroline. The re-worked cherries are stunning!

  4. These are all so pretty Caroline.
    I almost didn't see the roses for looking at the butterflies! I had to look three times before I caught the beautiful roses.
    Your cherries look so yummy. Can I have some?


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