3 September 2011


Already September - where have the last few weeks gone? One thing about living in the tropics is that we don't really get season changes - well, apart from one rainy period to the next! I thought I'd put up a collection of photos and sketches to remind me of autumnal colours. The first montage of golden beauties is rather small but if you click to enlarge you will see the details in all their finery!

'Juicy pear' - watercolour sketch ©Caroline Soer

Love the colours in this mossy bank!

The aubergine collection

Mangosteens - Watercolour ©Caroline Soer

One of my favourite Malaysian fruits!


  1. I like the autumnal colors of your photos. Your sketches are great. I enjoy seeing the different fruits and flowers of Malaysia through your eyes and fingers. This is a s close to them as I will ever be.

  2. a beautiful selection of autumn colors. lovely pears and wonderful aubergines.

  3. You are awesome! Your painting is awesome! Love the palate of colours you use...delish!

  4. It's very autumny here Caroline. I especially love your beautiful pear painting.

  5. Your watercolors are exquisite.

  6. caroline, you blog is looking more and more polished and beautiful. exquisite is indeed the right word. fruit, flowers, happy critters, proud trees. you are an equal opportunity wonderful painter.

    i wish i could watch you do all this. may i stop by for tea? i don't work on wednesdays :^)

    love love

  7. Your fruit watercolor sketches are very beautiful. Very nicely done - they look good enough to eat.

  8. Wow! The great tones on these two gorgeous fruits loom my heart!
    So pretty to look at!
    This makes a rush for me to get on to buy one...for tasting the sweetness according to your paintings!

  9. Your last bits of summer are very pretty. I, too, like seeing how the seasons look from another hemisphere. Your paintings are always a pleasure.

  10. What a visual delight your blog always is! Thank you for that, it makes me feel good... always :)

  11. Lovely drawings (paintings)! And I love the pictures of the red/orange flowers in the other post.


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