10 November 2011

Early morning walk

Thought I'd take you along this morning on my early morning walk!  This is the view from the top of the hill looking towards the next hill I'll scale!  No wonder the area's called Hillview!

 Stunning double hibiscus.  The national flower of Malaysia.


 Aptly named Buddha's belly!

 Inside a Golden Chalice Vine flower - you can see more pics of these super flowers in another post on these here.


Banana tree in flower

Looks like Rambutan before ripening.


 Unidentified spikey tree trunks - youch!

This one's a bit softer!

And a stripey one!

Ylang Ylang - mmm, smells divine!

Exotic Gloriosa Lily - more pics here

 Spider Lily

Palm and flowers

Here's a little friend waiting for me!

 Poor lad has no home and is missing one back paw :(  He's fed by many in the community though!

 Waiting patiently...

licking his chops...

for his daily doggie chew!

 I come across so many flowers and trees I can't name.    What's this lovely almond-scented flower?

And this beauty?  Can anyone help me to identify it?

And what's this at the end of our travels ?...

A majestic Travellers Palm, standing tall in Diana's garden next door.   Hope you enjoyed the stroll!


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful surrounding.
    That dog is heartbreaking to see at first, but I am happy you all take good care of him.
    It is impossible to take them all in I know.
    I am afraid I am not much help identifying those tropic beauties....
    But thanks for showing me around :)


  2. What a lovely place! It looks like the Philippines with all the flora and stray dogs and houses with so many irregular roof structures dotted with beautiful plants instead of the uniform landscapes seen here in the US. What a verdant place and yes, a natural "Stair-master" for your exercise. I love your place.

  3. I absolutely love the walk through your neighborhood. I wouldn't be able to walk through the neighborhood, it would be more like a crawl. I would be looking at all of these beautiful exotic plants.

  4. The pictures are gorgeous and it's SO different from my morning walk that I'm amazed that we are on the same planet!! gorgeous and interesting plants and trees and flowers.

    sweet and smart doggie. wonder how he lost his paw?

  5. Such beautiful inspiration Caroline. Though the strays would break my heart and I would end up with a house full! Mind you he looks pretty healthy, despite his paw - must be all those treats.

  6. Thank you, this made me fill up with wonder and curiosity. Some of those flowers are so different to my eyes... it is intriguing and makes me want to travel. <3 Just lovely.

  7. that is all so beautiful and so different from where I live! I would love to trade places for a week or two - better not, you'd never get your home back. Thanks for helping to take care of the stray - he looks happy, even if he doesn't have a home.

  8. Waaaaaaaaaa! Astounding vegetation! So exotic and beautiful. Love that palm. Love that bamboo! Amazing stuff. Thanks so much for taking us with you. Poor pooch is so cute, too. Hehehehehe

  9. Caroline, thank you to be a faithful tour guide sharing your beautiful & serene neighborhood!

    I love the bamboo, the dog, the unknown flowers....almost everything.
    I hope to visit you for an insightful discovery and adventure together Caroline.

    Thank you, I want to travel with you sometimes!

  10. Oh wow I feel like I have traveled to a whole other planet! AWESOME! all of those amazing plants are exquisite not to mention the footy pooch! Thank you for this walk with you- It has been the best walk ever! Astonishing!

  11. caroline, this is one of those times when i wish i could scroll back and forth from your photos to my comment, so i could say something about every frame!

    this makes me salivate with floral joy! (hee hee) but beyond the landscape and vegetation, what i and MOST ENTHRALLED by are the patterns you noticed!!!!! omg that striped tree! you are a really really good photographer.

    what a beautiful beautiful land, caroline. you are so wise to appreciate it so.


  12. Thank you for the visit. Love the tree trunks -- all of them -- and the Ylang Ylang. And your little blonde pawless friend.

  13. Such wonderful photos. Some of them don't look like they could actually be real things! I could be here for hours commenting on them, so I'm just going to pick a couple!

    As a longtime dog-lover, volunteer, etc it's rough to see a stray dog. So glad people are pitching in to give him, if not a home, at least a community of friends that help him. The picture of him patiently waiting is very adorable. He seems to have a lovely nature.

    The other photo(s) that particularly struck me was that bumpy bamboo. Crazy! I have never seen bamboo like that. Very neat. :)

  14. what a lovely post, i enjoyed this walkie very much! :)

  15. Really great photos Caroline, thanks for giving us a tour, so many great colours and shapes, also nice to see the lovely doggy getting a treat:)

  16. Oh so many gorgeous exotic plants and flowers! What a beautiful land you live in. Thank you so much for showing us so much beauty. Enjoy your walks.
    P.S. I have bamboo growing in my own back yard!

  17. Oooh these make me homesick for my previous life in sunny South Africa. And I love 'Buddha's belly', very apt name.

  18. Oh the exquisite Spider Lily! I so enjoyed my walk with you and very pleased your furry friend gets a doggie chew regularly.


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