31 January 2012

IF: Forward

' Forward Roll '- coloured pencil and ink© Caroline Soer 2012

My submission for this week's Illustration Friday - Puss doing a forward roll into a bush of Catnip!


  1. you have perfectly captured the contortions a cat can get into. I've never had one, but think I will someday - they are fun to watch.

  2. This is super, Caroline! I give you so much credit for tackling such a hard pose to illustrate and you nailed it! Wow, I've also been meaning to comment on your gorgeous photos in the previous post too...those silly monkeys! Always so great to see your beautiful work, and your photos take me away!

  3. Yes, this is a hard pose to illustrate, I hadn't thought about that until I saw the other comments because your illustration is so relaxed and flowing - beautiful. Unfortunately my Jack Russell does this pose too when he rolls in something revolting!

  4. oh my, how adorable!!
    I used to be able to get into this positon too, a hundred years ago!

    Very, very sweet drawing.♥

  5. caroline, this very minute i am writing this from that position.

    SO NOT!

    you've nailed it. delightful.


  6. Just darling! Adorable sketch.

  7. Lovely and adorable. I don't know how I missed this during the Forward week! It's so hard to keep track, though I try to visit them all (crazy, I know, but I tend to um, take little 10 minute breaks out of my workday once in a great while...)

    As many have said, you captured this pose brilliantly. I really like those delicate leaves and flowers, too.


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