30 March 2011

Flora and Fauna

I visited my neighbour Diana yesterday and took some pics in her garden. Though not the clearest of photos - bit of camera shake going on there - I think you can proabably see what this beautiful plant is is well enough.

Did you identify it? It's a pineapple flower!

And this is Diana's cat, Mr Tumnus, getting his exercise on the trampoline !

Apoligies again to my blogging friends for not visiting much - I've had my daughter Julie staying for a while and haven't had much time for blogging! Hopefully, I'll get around to you all soon again. Also, I am beginning to get back into the studio, so I hope I will have more arty stuff to share soon!

26 March 2011


Earth Hour observed tonight in the garden by candlelight! Drank wine, saw fireflies and saved a Cicada from a watery end in the pool! What did you do?

11 March 2011

I ♥ Singapore!

This time last week I was enjoying time out in Singapore! This is a montage of pics taken at the beautiful Singapore Botanic Garden. Click to enlarge to see a little more detail!

We also went to the zoo but my camera wasn't playing ball that day so these are a couple of shots of my favourite tiggers from a previous visit .

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

And I forgot to take my camera when we went here. So stupid of me as it was such a spectactular view:( This is the Skypark at Marina Bay Sands. Click on photo if you'd like to read more about this amazing place.

I ♥ Singapore!


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