22 November 2010

Illustration Friday

'Sneaky' - Watercolour ©Caroline Soer 2010

After a few weeks absence from Illustration Friday, I'm trying to catch up. I seem to have had a bit of a mouse obsession - all three paintings feature the little critters! Above is my offering for this week's word - 'Sneaky'! Do click to enlarge to check out these little meece's expressions.

'Racing' - Watercolour paints and pencils©Caroline Soer 2010

Click to enlarge.

'Spent' - Watercolour pencils and digital ©Caroline Soer 2010

20 November 2010

Louisa's Wedding Part II

Following on from my last post here are the last few photos of Louisa's wedding.

Roses from a table centerpiece

Surrounded by crystals and candles

A very happy bride!

The dinner menu. I made these in KL, then bought and tied the ribbons in Dubai!

The vegetarian choice - delicious!

Matt studies his speech!

Jan does the same - these are his cryptic notes!

Cutting the cake - looks like it's leaning a bit!

The first dance!

Proud Mum and Dad!

The villa again!

More to come when the official photos are available.

19 November 2010

Louisa's Wedding Part I

I can hardly believe that our daughter's wedding was a week ago yesterday!

Louisa - still single on her hen night!

Louisa and fiance Matt - footloose and fancy free last year in Singapore!

The wedding was held on the 12th of November. What a wonderful day it was! The weather was glorious - as you would expect in Dubai - though it had actually been quite cloudy during the week leading up to the wedding and with a downpour two days before you can imagine the ripple of panic a few spots of rain caused on the morning! Fortunately, the shower didn't last more than a minute or so ... we could breathe again and the rest of the day was perfect!

So, here we go! These are mostly my own pics. I discovered it was quite difficult to focus on the job whilst being so involved in the process and I also nabbed a couple from facebook - thanks Sharon! I've divided the whole into two posts as there are so many photos! Second part to follow soon and I'll look forward to sharing a few of the official photos in a couple of weeks or so.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Louisa and two of her bridesmaids stayed the night before the wedding in a beautiful villa here. The bride and groom also spent their wedding night here :)

The entrance to the villa.

With the magnificent Burj Al Arab in the background.

Villa interior

Outside terrace with plunge pool - I could live here!

Preparations begin on the side terrace, setting up the makeup station.

Luscious lipsticks!

Hairdresser wields the tongs and gets to work on Louisa's curls

Lauren starts making up Julie.

Getting to grips with the veil .

Bridesmaid Karen in the shot!

Louisa's makeup

Meanwhile, Julie takes time out for a glass of champagne!

Louisa's beautiful wedding gown.

Bodice detail

Satin shoes with garter

Rose bouquet

Where are the instructions? Figuring out how to lace up the dress!

Breathe in Lou - nearly done!

Doesn't she look beautiful?!

Father of the bride waits patiently..............

Passing through the interior of the Burj Al Arab Hotel enroute to the gardens Louisa's cousin Saskia snaps the interior.

Bride and Father arriving at the Burj Al Arab gardens

It was windy!

Waiting for the bride

Walking up the aisle

Bridesmaids look on.

The ceremony begins

The vows - photo taken through veil of tears and quivering lip!!

The Kiss!

Signing the register

Presenting Mr and Mrs Matt Birch!

The Happy Couple!

Louisa negotiates the white carpet (strewn with white rose petals) with champagne!

Family shot

Bride and sister

Wedding guest Sharon - wearing the only hat at the wedding and looking gorgeous!


Guests various

After the ceremony we were transported back to the Jumeira Hotel via buggy.

The Burj Al Arab in all its nightime glory

to be continued.....


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