6 April 2012

Illustration Friday - return and vocal

'Return' ©Caroline Soer

I've decided to keep this illustration up for another week as it fits both this and last week's Illustration Friday words 'return' and 'vocal' so well!  Here the baby birds are being quite definitely vocal  awaiting the return of their parents to the nest!

5 April 2012

Okiagari-koboshi, japanese good luck charm.

'Never Give Up ' Japanese Good luck charm.

I was very happy and honoured to receive this wonderful little folk art doll recently.  These papier mache dolls were crafted to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the devasting earthquake in Japan.  You can read all about this superb little piece of Japanese crafstmanship below

If any one is able to decipher this Japanese calligraphy I'd be very grateful!


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