28 February 2011

This n that 2

This is my daughter, Jules. The pic was taken last November in Dubai! More recently she and I have been setting up her new blog 'Nutrifit with Jules' - which, as of today is now officially up and running!

Click to visit blog

Jules is a final year student of Nutrition in Sydney and a practicing Personal Trainer. In her blog she will share great information about diet and exercise. She'd love you visit! You'll find interesting and useful articles and recipes to help you on your way to leading a healthy life!

I've still not had much inclination to put paint to paper in the studio, so here are a few more pics from my files. The first are of super walk we made recently at Taman Tar, quite close to our house . It's a really steep climb but what greets you when you get to the top makes it really worthwhile!

The steep steps through the rainforest.

Time to catch breath!

Nearly there!

At the top - you'd never expect this lovely tranquil scene !

Or that you are still so close to KL - those are the twin Petronas Towers in the distance.

Back at home it's been raining heavily most afternoons - here the pool is almost full!

The Bauhinia flowers are blooming in the garden - Dusky Leaf Monkeys find them delicious!

Uh oh - who's that over there?

Something on the prowl down there....

Hope you all have a good week!

17 February 2011

This 'n that

I've had a bit of artist's block recently and haven't been in my studio much. Today I spent some time sorting through zillions of photos I've taken of the area surrounding our house !

The rain forest on my doorstep.

Our house in the distance

This little chap is what we call a Scrat - a cross between a squirrel and a rat! Love that bottlebrush tail!

So much to see growing locally !


?? Looks like an enormous apple!



Looks like a kind of fig!




Another unidentified fruit

Unidentified open

Beautiful flowers!


Digitally manipulated image of palm fronds

And some seed pods get the digital treatment too

Sorry if I haven't visited your blogs lately - will try to catch up with you soon!

6 February 2011

Illustration Friday - Reverse

©Caroline Soer 2010

I drew this little rabbit and pasted him into a collage of bluebells - a scene I remember from many springtime walks I've made in Cornwall. I just love bluebells and that part of the English countryside so much! I can almost smell the sea air and those sweetly perfumed flowers now!

I reckon this little illustration (made for a postcard swap last year) can just about double for this week's Illustration Friday word 'Reverse'!

'Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads'.

4 February 2011

Illustration Friday

Having procrastinated a bit this week (and last) I've not got a finished illustration to show you. However, rather than not post at all here are some sketches for this weeks word 'Surrender' and last week's 'Dusty'.

Surrender ©Caroline Soer 2011

Dusty ©Caroline Soer 2011

Do you remember playing this game when you were small? I'd forgotten about it, but when I was thinking about the word 'dusty' I suddenly thought of the playground game !

1 February 2011

Today in my studio

Click to enlarge

I thought I'd let you have a peek inside my studio today! Clockwise from the top, resting on top of a sketchbook. a beautiful Golden Chalice flower from my garden. You can click here to see another post with more photos I took of some of these exotic blooms. Then there's my fab new sewing machine! My beloved 27 year old Elna machine went on strike a couple of weeks back and was sadly deemed too elderly to fix. That was rather bad timing considering I had just decided to take up my textiles course again :( Well, now I have a new Brother and it's a wizard - threads its own needle even!! Next pic, more of those sunny yellow blooms in a vase - not only are they stunning to look at, they also have a divine perfume! And lastly, a corner with a super new wall hanging, meticulously hand quilted for me by a very dear friend who recently came to stay - thank you, Irene - doesn't it look good here?


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