6 February 2011

Illustration Friday - Reverse

©Caroline Soer 2010

I drew this little rabbit and pasted him into a collage of bluebells - a scene I remember from many springtime walks I've made in Cornwall. I just love bluebells and that part of the English countryside so much! I can almost smell the sea air and those sweetly perfumed flowers now!

I reckon this little illustration (made for a postcard swap last year) can just about double for this week's Illustration Friday word 'Reverse'!

'Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads'.


  1. aawwwww, caroline, vibrant and wonderful in every way. bluebells are rare to me , i don't know why. but rabbits are TOO abundant (kj means ME caroline, sincerely emily r.)

    this wonderful quote reminds me of mary oliver's: i won't say it exactly but something like:

    what if the root is the flower of the other world?

    with love certainly

  2. So is hell! Right above me. Hahahahah!

    Terrific illustration, Caroline. I have not been here for awhile.

    I am planning a giveaway. Next post. Tsup!

  3. Caroline, I am having a give-away!

  4. I love the colors, the message and your technique. Very visually interactive. Nice piece.

  5. Beautiful piece, Caroline!! And such a great take on the word for this week! What a great quote and such a sweet bunny and bluebells!

  6. This is so lovely! There is beautiful dimensionality to the field of bluebells. And the ocean is made with such a soothing design. And the rabbit is wonderful!

  7. I think I remember this from before! It is beautiful - I love bunnies.

  8. I remember this one, it is fabulous Caroline.
    That was a wonderful exchange those postcards.
    Good to see the bunnies again!

    Have a nice Sunday♥

  9. Oh I love this! Was I a part of that exchange? I don't remember seeing this.
    What wonderful greeting cards it would make..and in time for the year of the rabbit ;)

    Just lovely! ♥

  10. Such a sweet card and quote! Love how you collaged it together and then shared the background.

  11. Hi Caroline.
    This is a beautiful job.

  12. This is cute and really makes me long for spring. We have Grape Hyacinth here (which looks similar)and they smell so pretty in spring.

  13. So pretty and such a welcome sight on a dreary winter day.

  14. Wonderful Caroline! I love the colors... especially the blues! Great illustration and wonderful words. Perfect!

  15. Oh lovely Caroline, reminds me of many happy hours trudging along coastal paths. It's heaven for me - my favourite thing to do!

  16. Oh My! That is a sweet one- the bright cheer of the clear blue in sunshine is most appealing- especially since it is still very dark here.
    Your bunny in blue made my day!

  17. Love the illustration Caroline. Those blues are heavenly which is very appropriate..haha. Bluebells are my absolute favourite too. I cannot wait for bluebell time to go out and take some new photos.

  18. ♥Happy Valentine's Day♥ Caroline!

    Hope you will have a wonderful day filled with love


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