31 January 2012

IF: Forward

' Forward Roll '- coloured pencil and ink© Caroline Soer 2012

My submission for this week's Illustration Friday - Puss doing a forward roll into a bush of Catnip!

28 January 2012

I spy..


I spy

with my little eye


Monkey at Batu Caves

beginning with ''T'

 3 Monkeys

A trio of monkeys busily grooming each other !
Quite oblivious to all the onlookers at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur!

Batu Caves Mosaic

If you're interested,  there's another post about this fascinating place here http://carolinesstudio.blogspot.com/2010/01/272-steps-and-thaipusam.html

26 January 2012

IF : Twirl

Mermaid Twirl ©Caroline Soer 2012

A very quick piece for this week's Illustration Friday - 'Twirl'!  I created this with watercolour pencils on paper I'd previously patterned by impressing cling film into paint and ink.

23 January 2012

Trip to the Cameron Highlands

Beautiful Hibiscus blooms. 

Boh Tea Plantation

 Spa time - that's a chrysanthemum tea bath, bottom right!

Exotic Butterflies

Wild life (check out the toads centre left!)

 Strawberries and tomatoes and things just for fun!

20 January 2012

This past week or so I've been enjoying working with my daughter Jules on her blog facelift and helping her to set up her exciting new Nutrition and Fitness E-business!  We've created a fresh new look for the new year and we're very excited because not only is today the day she launches the new look Nutrifit with Jules, but she is also introducing her super new personalised Nutrition Diet Plans - the first of which is a fantastic Detox Programme.  I'm definitely going to be signing up for one and looking forward to lots of healthy eating and drinking and feeling revitalised!

If you feel the need for a body Spring Clean, with a special introductory offer for a whole month, there's no time like the present to visit Nutrifit with Jules to find out more about giving your health a boost!

14 January 2012

My 'Little Letters' name pictures for children have undergone a revamp - I've created several new designs, adjusted picture sizes and added a few extra details to poplular designs! Name Pictures are the perfect gift for special little people!

 Name pictures with characters (Tiger, Princess, Girl with Butterflies, Dinosaurs and Teddy with Balloon) measure 8 x10 inches (20 x 25 cm) and fit into a standard frame.  Ideal gifts for special little people!

Some designs have new features - I've added  butterflies to this girlie picture.

and a pink line detail to this Princess design.

Little Tiger is now joined by a colourful parrot and smiley sun!

The following 4 designs are completely new and feature names with hearts, butterflies and teddy motifs.  These measure 8 x8 inches (20 x 20 cm). 

Waving bears in blue, for little boys.

and in pink for little girls

Waving bears are also available singly with initials (pink or blue) and measure 6 x6 inches (15 x 15 cms).

Little Letters pictures make super gifts for little people!  They can be ordered from my Etsy shop.

8 January 2012


Paper Butterfly Garland ©Caroline Soer 2012

This little flight of paper butterflies is temporarily grounded - a collage for Illustration Friday.


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