4 September 2013

Back in the land of blogging!

Greetings from Johore, Malaysia!

It's been over a year since I posted here - obviously, I'm not finding much time for blogging! 
It's been a very busy year as we've moved in two directions -  from Kuala Lumpur down to Johore in the south of Malaysia

and to north Devon in England!  I'm still creating some art, but much of my time lately has been spent learning something new!  I'll write more about that later, but a little hint is that it has to do with houses!!

20 June 2012

Headless chicken

Hello everyone!  Just letting you know that I am still here, but feeling a little at sixes and sevens like this poor chicken at the moment!  I'm busy sorting out my house here in KL in preparation for moving.   We will soon close a chapter on this side of Malaysia, but will reopen another further south in the country, in Johor Bahru later in the year!  I'm also heading back to the UK for the summer - our search for a future retirement property there continues!  In the meantime, whilst trying hard to be ruthless with unwanted/unworn/unread accumulated paraphernalia  I spent a while enjoying these lovely items stored carefully from the early years....

Beloved 'Tickle Bunny', 'Floppy dog', hand embroidered (by Grandma) bed cushion, first school books, china dolls and cats and many more items I would never part with!  Safely packed away again until the next time we open up the treasure chest!

1 June 2012

Sand dunes, rolling hills, seaside and tapas!

I know, it's been ages since I was last here!  I've been so busy travelling and not had a minute to update the blog!

So, without further ado  - here's a quick update of what I've been up to:

First, a few lovely days in sunny, sandy Dubai catching up with my lovely daughter Louisa and her husband Matt.

Then it was on to UK where the weather was really cold and wet,  but I so enjoyed the lovely rolling countryside, charming little towns and villages, spring flowers and bracing sea air!   I had an exciting week house hunting in Devon and Cornwall, but more on that another time!

Next, I flew via Dubai again back to Malaysia with  just enough time to repack my bags and head off for a gorgeous week by the sea in  Bali!  I have lots of photos of arts and crafts that I hope to share with you later!

On our return to Malaysia our other lovely daughter Julie came to stay for a week  - we enjoyed some good meals out including tapas at Pinchos our favourite bar - yum!  On a less happy note we helped Bob, our one-eyed kitty, pack his toys in preparation for his move to his  new home this week:(

We will be moving from KL soon.  We were all very sad to see him leave :( but he has gone to a loving family so I am sure he is good hands.  

Now I have the weekend to regroup before our brother in law Rein and niece Saskia come to stay from Holland! It may be a while before I am able to blog again!

6 April 2012

Illustration Friday - return and vocal

'Return' ©Caroline Soer

I've decided to keep this illustration up for another week as it fits both this and last week's Illustration Friday words 'return' and 'vocal' so well!  Here the baby birds are being quite definitely vocal  awaiting the return of their parents to the nest!

5 April 2012

Okiagari-koboshi, japanese good luck charm.

'Never Give Up ' Japanese Good luck charm.

I was very happy and honoured to receive this wonderful little folk art doll recently.  These papier mache dolls were crafted to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the devasting earthquake in Japan.  You can read all about this superb little piece of Japanese crafstmanship below

If any one is able to decipher this Japanese calligraphy I'd be very grateful!

30 March 2012

Bird and cats at Hillview

 I managed to get my camera out just in time to snap this Kingfisher through the car window this week!  Not a terrific shot,  but good enough to see those beautiful blue feathers and extra long beak!

It's been while since I took photos of  my cats.  So without further ado ....

Tia likes to sit beside me on the printer.   Here she is objecting to my choice of music this afternoon - Phil Collins 



before long though she was fast asleep...

and a little later I asked her if I could use the printer  ........  I didn't ask again!  I know when to leave well alone!

Bob, on the other hand, shares his possessions!  He enjoys a game of football with us.  This is his  favourite frog (it's a dog toy, but don't tell him!).

One-eyed Bob is very relaxed and enjoys Phil Collins ..

and chillin on the kitchen floor right beside my feet!

Have a lovely relaxing weekend!


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